Kundali bhagya 11 June 2021 Written Update – Karan arrives at Luthra house

Zee Tv’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Kritika comes to Dr. Deepali. She sits and talks with her. She shares with her friend how she and Prithvi got married. Dr. Deepali also tells her about her love story. Kritika finds her story thrilled. Then Sherlyn comes there.

Kritika thinks that she should play a prank on Deepali’s patients. She thinks that she will open the door. There Sherlyn does not know that Kritika is with Deepali. Just then Prithvi gets a call from Megha. Seeing this, his hair rises. There Karan comes into the Luthra house. But he is unconscious.

The Luthra family is shocked to see his condition. He questions Sameer and Srishti who is with Karan. Srishti tells Sameer to keep quiet. And lies to them that Karan has got bail. She also says that Karan is unconscious because he had a small accident.

Everyone advises them to leave Karan in his room. Preeta gets sad seeing Karan’s condition and starts crying. Karan opens his eyes further. He sees Preeta beside him and notices that she is crying. So he tries to pacify her. After this, Karan wants Srishti to tell the truth to everyone. Srishti tries to inform Preeta.

Karan says that he has not got bail. Preeta wants to know what is the matter. Srishti tells that Karan has escaped from jail. Karan tells that he was going to another jail. Then he had an accident. And Srishti tells that and thus she brought him here. There Sherlyn sees Kritika. She gets shocked. She gets very upset. Dr. Deepali tries to console her seeing her troubled face.

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