Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 17 June 2021 Written Update -Thakurs warns Pratigya

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna tells Everyone that this is his house and he decided that Pratigya will stay here. Sajjan Singh says that his father is still alive so he can’t act like this. He says if Meera is not able to see her as you secretary the how will she tolerate her the whole day. Sumitra says to herself that Krishna has gone mad. Then Meera tells that she don’t have any problem with Pratigya. She supports Krishna and says that he is right if he is helping her.

Krishna ask everyone to calm down as now Meera don’t have any problem. Krishna ask Pratigya to go to room and take some rest. Sumitra ask Meera why she did this? She tells that if Pratigya will stay here then they can keep an eye on her. Sajjan Singh says that she herself axed her leg. Kriti and Garv sees that someone has locked Kesar in the store room, So they goes to her and give her some food. Later, Sajjan Singh and Sumitra goes to Pratigya. They tells her that she will regret staying there.

Sumitra says how hard she try to kill her but she always come again like a cat. She tells her that Krishna will not always be with her. He goes for his work and to hotel and at that that time she will be alone in this house. And accident can happen to her at any time. Sajjan Singh says that he will not let Krishna’s memory come back. He says your chapter has been closed and warns her to stay within her limits. Pratigya records everything and show it to Sajjan Singh and Sumitra.


She tells them if they tries to do anything against her then they have to go to jail as she will show this video to police and then to Krishna. Sajjan Singh takes phone from her hand and delete that video but Pratigya says she already sent that video to a trusted person. She says Bringing Krishna’s memory back will be her revenge from them. Garv and Kriti Refuse to meet Pratigya, leaving her heartbroken. Later, Meera says that because of her she is able to stay here, so she she should be thankful to her.

Pratigya says that soon Krishna will come to know the truth and will remember everything. Meera starts acting as she cares for Pratigya so much because Krishna has arrived. She tells her that if she wants anything then she can ask her and ask Pratigya to take some rest in her room. Then Krishna comes home with all the belongings of Pratigya and tells her that now she will stay here.