Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 June 2021 Written Update -Kartik faces trouble

“Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” is keeping their audience amazed with its interesting twist and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Sirat was guiding Kairav on how to fight with the opponent. Kartik wishes him luck. Ranveer got a call and he went out to attend the call. Kartik asks Sirat why you are ignoring my call and lying about everything. Sirat tries to ignore him so that she won’t have to face him. Kairav wins the match and Kartik picks him in his arms. Sirat secretly went off from there. Ranveer get’s involved in taking selfies with Kairav.

Kartik came out and says I can’t see Kairav like this then only I was a little worried for him. Sirat says sorry to him. Kartik request Sirat to share what’s disturbing you for few days as I can notice it. Suddenly Ranveer came with kids and Sirat started insisting to Ranveer that now we should go. Kartik told them today you both have to come for the press interview and Sirat has to come.

Maudi saw that video which was recorded by Ranveer in which she noticed that Sirat was not happy. Maudi get’s worried for Sirat. There Sirat was thinking that again I have to come across Kartik which she doesn’t want. Sirat intentionally hurt her leg by banging it on the floor so that she won’t have to go there.


All the preparation was done and Kartik was waiting for Sirat. Maudi was thinking of talking to Sirat before it’s got too late. Ranveer examines her leg and tells Sirat that inform Kartik that today your can’t come. Sirat thought of calling Maudi and inform her but Maudi told her if you won’t come then Kartik had face a lot.

Media people were telling Kartik that if today Sirat won’t come then it would give a negative impact on the viewers. Manish gets angry at Sirat for dropping the plan at the last moment. Swarna for a video call and she shared her screen with the projector. Sirat apologies for not coning and carry out the live session through the video call. Maudi was thinking why Sirat is not looking at Kartik.

After the session, Swarna told Manish that I was sure that Sirat won’t let Kartik helpless. Kartik noticed that Maudie was not in her room.

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