Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 8 June 2021 Written Update -Surprise for Pratigya

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna angrily leaves from his house. Meera says we shouldn’t have called that secretary for lunch, because of her krishna leaves hungry. Sumitra says but today krishna will not spare her secretary. Aadarsh interferes in the talk between shakti and Sajjan Singh. Shakti gets angry on him. Krishna ask his manager to prepare a termination letter. When Pratigya comes watchman stops her and says that you are not allowed to enter. Pratigya thinks I knew it that this will happen.

Then Krishna stops her and gives the termination letter to her. He says now never come here. My whole family is waiting for you on lunch but you didn’t come and don’t even picked up my call. He says I don’t want people around me who don’t respects me. Then Pratigya says just because I’m not able to come for lunch you will terminate me. she says I met with an accident that’s why I’m not able to come. She even shows him the fake wounds. But he didn’t believe her and ask her to get out.

Pratigya thinks that she has lost the last chance to be with Krishna. She feels like now she is not able to get him back. Meanwhile, Krishna sees her standing outside the hotel. He goes to her and says why you are standing here? There is lots of work in hotel go and do it. Pratigya says but you fired me from the job. He says now I’m telling you to go and work, so go. Pratigya ask him to say sorry to her. Krishna says I’m not going to says sorry to you. She says I’ll give you more time but you have to say sorry to me.


While Shakti goes somewhere to give money to someone, Aadarsh comes and snatches away the money from Shakti. Pratigya goes to Krishna’s cabin to give him some files. While giving files to him, she says that I have heard this thing that those people who says sorry are having big heart. Krishna says but still I’m nit going to say sorry to you. Pratigya says if you don’t want to says sorry it’s ok. But atleast you can gift me something so that I can feel that you are sorry. Krishna denies for that also.

When Pratigya leaves his cabin, He calls a man and ask him to send the best saree of his shop to his office. Sumitra ask everyone to choose saree of their choice when the seller has come. While, shakti says that someone snatches away the money from him. At the same time Aadarsh comes and says how long I have been calling you but you don’t listen to me. Then I see you are giving money to someone so I thought that I shouldn’t disturb you. Shakti is shocked to listen this. Pratigya sees a gift on her table. She thinks who can gift her saree, but then she realises that Krishna has done this for her.