Yeh Hain Chahtein 8 June 2021 Written Update – Anvi’s Surprise gift

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode Preesha remembered Saransh and tells to herself that she will never be happy again from her heart .Anvi called her and asked how she is looking and asked her birthday gift? Preesha replied that she is looking like a doll and gave a gold chain with lord Ganesh pendant and said he will be always with her.Anvi said” Don’t bother Gannu Bappa ,you are with me to protect and showed her gift to Arman.They talked to each other that Devika still had not wished Anvi.
In the hotel Devika yells at the hotel staff and blames that they have stolen diamond earings and asked them to call hotel manager . Avinash called Devika and said that ” have you forgotten what special today?” Devika replied that she can never forget her princess birthday and wished Anvi .

Hotel manager knocked the room and Devika said that she had been waiting for him for a long time. R.K. replied that he is not her personal servant and he is hotel manager and not some superhero who can fly. He also said that before blaming there hotel staff she needs to search her room first.R.K saw that earing box was below the pillow which Devika picked to throw at him. He gave the box and said that she has to pay for the damage she had done.

Anvi tells to herself that she needs Puppy as her birthday gift and thinks that only Devika aunt can help her to convince her Papa.She called Devika and Devika showed Anvi’s birthday gift but Anvi sadly said “why don’t we received birthday gift as per our choice?” She wants Puppy.Devika adviced that only her Preesha mom can convince Arman.Anvi made chits and kept them in different places and called Preesha.Preesha came and read that Anvi wants one more birthday gift which has four legs and that jumps and which has a tongue too and with which it can lick Anvi.Anvi asked that have you understood? Preesha replied that you have explained it so well and so cutely. Anvi huged her and said ” You are world’s best mumma and Preesha remembered Saransh.


Rudra reached at his home and found her mom was not feeling well and asked for medicines. Sharda told that she had taken .Rudra left from there.Sulochan talked to Sharada and said there was no need to lie to Rudra and if she will not get medicine her condition will become more worst. Sharda replied that he is working on double shifts so that they don’t suffer.Rudra heard everything and said “A mom can’t be burden on their child” and said he will bring medicine for her but he found that he had not sufficient money. Sulochna gave her some money and said that bring Sharda medicines and return back when you get money. Sharda said she can’t see Rudra’s condition, Rudra had so much money and it was difficult to count money and now he is counting money.

In birthday party Avinash’s uncle came along with huge teddy and gifted to Anvi. Vasu also attended birthday party.Preesha gave Anvi’s surprise gift and told her to open the box. Anvi found a frog inside the box and everyone got scared there. Preesha teased Anvi that this frog will kiss you too.Arman hide behind Preesha and said take out the frog from the party hall.
After that Arman came with a cute puppy.

Episode end.

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