Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 2 9 June 2021 Written Update -Meera confronts Krishana

Mann ki Aawaz Pratigya 2 is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Pratigya comes to Krishana and thanks to him for his gift. Both of them share some happy moments. Later Pratigya leaves from there. Krishana smiles. There, Adrash tries to frame Shakti saying that he was giving money to someone. All believe him but Shakti tries to tell them Adarsh was the one who took money from him. Adarsh refuses announcing he is lying.

Shakti gets angry. And Thakur asks Adarsh to handle all the work of Shakti. Adrash nods in yes. Shakti leaves the house in anger. Banwari brings Saree for all the ladies. He also informs them that Krishana has brought a saree and he send it to the hotel. Meera thinks for whom he brought a gift. However, Sumitra believes that he wants to surprise her and that is why he brought a gift.

While Meera becomes restless. Krishana comes home. Meera asks him to give her the gift which he has brought. Meera looks on. Sumitra asks where is his gift. Meera wants to know if he gave that saree to his secretary. He says yes. Sumitra looks shocked. Meera confronts him saying did he ever brought a gift for his other staff member. He scolds her and she leaves in anger. Sumitra asks him to bring back Meera. As he was the one who did wrong to her. Kesar is smiling.


Shakti notices her smiling face and asks what happened to her why she looks happy. Kesar says nothing and leaves. Meera is crying in her room. Krishana comes to her and asks her to have dinner. She refuses. Krishana gets irritated and leaves the room. He goes to a bar. Sumitra thinks to talk to Meera. While Krishana feels that Pratigya is in front of him and he starts talking to her. A waiter asks him if he is okay. Krishana says yes.