Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 8 May 2021 Written Update – Pallavi will reveal her identity and truth of marriage with Raghav

At the beginning of the episode, Pallavi comes downstairs in the white saree. Pallavi informed Raghav that she is a widow. Jaya asked why Pallavi wears a white saree? Pallavi said she will reveal everything in some time. Raghav asked Faraz that did he knew that Pallavi is a widow? Faraz said he is unaware of these. Raghav started shouting at Pallavi. Jaya asked Raghav to behave properly. A reporter asked Pallavi that why she wears a white saree? Pallavi said that white saree is her identity, as she is a widow.

Pallavi said she is going to reveal the actual reason behind her marriage with Raghav. Sharda is thinking about everything and eat nothing. Milind offered coffee to Sharda. Milind said he is not able to prepare coffee like one that Pallavi made. Milind said they are too fortunate to have Pallavi in their family. Milind said Pallavi again done great work by marrying Raghav. Milind said Pallavi saved Nikhil’s life. Sharda said whatever Pallavi has done is wrong. Sharda said she will never support Pallavi for her marriage. Milind said he don’t know who is right.

Pallavi revealed in front of everyone that Raghav married to a widow. Pallavi said Raghav forced her to marry him. Pallavi said Raghav get Nikhil arrested just to agree her to marry. Jaya slapped Raghav. This was Raghav’s imagination. Pallavi said she was complete and happy in her life. Pallavi said everyone should know that what Raghav did with her. Pallavi said one night Raghav changed Pallavi’s whole life. Pallavi said Raghav in front of everyone proposed her, which is not a normal act. Pallavi said Raghav filled her life with love and happiness.

Pallavi said she want Raghav to express his love in front of everyone again. Pallavi said due to some reason, no one was invited to their wedding. Pallavi said she wants Raghav to show her love by adorning her with jewelry of married women. Raghav did the same. Raghav put mangalsutra on Pallavi’s neck. Pallavi offered vermilion to Raghav. Raghav applied vermilion on the forehead of Pallavi. Everyone got happy. Pallavi shows her gratitude to everyone to join these party. Pallavi asked everyone to enjoy the dinner. A lawyer arrived and handed over some papers to Pallavi. Lawyer congratulates Raghav for his marriage, but Raghav said nothing. Lawyer left from there. Pallavi said this is a bad manner, Raghav should talk to everyone nicely. Pallavi go upstairs again.

Episode end.