Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 8 May 2021 Written Update – Anokhi wanna know where is Shaurya

Anokhi is taking Babli with her at the beginning of the episode. That’s when they hear Vineet’s voice. Vineet is about to open the door and is stunned to see the empty room. He thinks where Babli can go. While Babli and Anokhi are going to come out of the room. Vineet wanna find Babli.

There Taiji says to all that they should not tell the police about this. But Tej disagrees. Taiji says that she has to do this for Shaurya. Because she does not want any danger will arrive in Shaurya’s life. Uncle also believes the same. But Tej does not like her point.

While even Aastha says that sister-in-law is speaking right and they should not inform the police. Anokhi applies ointment to Babli’s injury. Babli cries a lot. Anokhi tells Babli that this time she should leave Vineet. Babli says that if Vineet came to know that from she is here he would raise his hand again.

Anokhi says that she is not afraid of Vineet. But now Babli should divorce him. Babli Looks On. Tej there says that these people are criminals and they should be careful. But Shan also agrees with Taiji. Tej taunts him. And calls him a coward. Shaan says that his child is in danger, so they have to be afraid.

Babli says that she cannot divorce because people will speak ill about her. Anokhi says that if Babli continues to bear like this then nothing good will happen to her. There Vineet asks a man if he has seen Anokhi and Babli. But he answers no.

Yash looks at Vineet. He approaches him and asks him to stay away from his wife. Vineet starts fighting with him. Then the phone calls from his hand. Yash notices Anokhi’s photo. And Yash thinks about what relation this man has with Anokhi. Anokhi tells Babli that she is also brave and she should also fight against wrong.

Tej informs the police about Shaurya’s case. Shaan asks him why he did this. Tej tells that all he has done is for Shaurya. Then Kidnapper calls and he asks him if the money is ready. Shaan says yes. And wants to talk to Shaurya, but Kidnapper ignores him. It is further revealed that Kidnapper is none other than Vineet.