Namak Issk Ka 20 August 2021 written update – Happy Ending!

At the beginning of the episode, Chamcham was recalling how Irawati pushed her from the stairs and then trapped her in the basement. Yug came to Chamcham and told her that because of her he got back everything. Suddenly Saroj came into the room to apologize to her. She tells her that she failed to see the real face of Irawati and thanks her to showing truth.  Chamcham says there is no need to say such things as she is like her mother. Saroj says what she has done for her is unforgettable.

There Dadi was feeding Satya and thanked her for fixing back everything. Ravikanth told her that he doesn’t deserve this happiness but he will try to be a good father. Satya says she has full faith in him. Then Satya tells them that she is having one question .Dadi tells her to ask it. She asked do they really believe that Irawati will take them to meet Nishikant .

Dadi tells her that the truth is like air no one can stop it from coming out, so tomorrow we all would come across it. On the other hand, Irawati was telling Rony that they won’t get relief from her. Rony asks what she is willing to do? She tells him that everything  had started with an accident so it will end  with the same.

Chamcham gifts a lock to Saroj. She tells her to lock all her tension in it as now she is going to be Grandmother and she wants her to enjoy with him. Yug gifts a saree and tells her to wear the same saree when they will meet Nishikant. Saroj get’s emotional and hugged Yug. Chamcham says Nishikant would be shocked to see that Saroj’s beauty didn’t fade over time.

Rony removes  the brakes of Yug’s car. Then they all settled in the car.  Iawati tells Yug to follow her Car. There Rupa finds the parts of the car. She came out to stop them.  Rony tells Irawati that now he would become independent millionaires. Then the car meets with an accident as the brakes were not working.

The police came  with two dead bodies. Ravikanth and Gunjan were shocked to see it. Dadi asks who did all this? The police officer showed them CCTV footage in which Rupa  was removing the brake of the car The white cloth removes from the  Irawati and Rony faces . Dadi cries for Rony.

The other family members came back home. Everyone started crying. Chamcham asked Rupa why she did this? She told them that she got to know Nishikant is no more and they were willing to kill them. Chamcham says she might have tell us but why she did all this? Rupa told them that this was necessary as she can’t see the family members suffered again because of them. Yug says he can’t see her going to Jail. She told him to  not to worry as today she is feeling very relieved. Then the police took her with them.

After 6 months, Dadi was feeding Chamcham. She says it would be nice if Satya would have come here. Suddenly she appeared in front of them. All of them started asking her that when her shoot ended. Satya says if she would know that they all will shower their questions like this then she would have come with an umbrella. They all laugh together.

Chamcham says it would be nice, if Rupa would be also with us.  Satya tells Rupa to come inside. Everyone gets surprised to sees her. Ravikanth says now he doesn’t need anything in his Life as he has 3 reasons to live. They all were happy together.

Episode ends.

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