Namak Issk ka 4 May 2021 Written Update – Chamcham’s confession!

At the beginning of the episode, police asked Gunjan for her statement. Gunjan told him that it was just an accident. The police told her that your mother was telling us that Yug fired the bullet. Gunjan told her that she is my mother so she might have said these words under pressure but she was not present in the room.

Irawati told Chamcham that o conveyed my message to Gunjan. So now it’s your turn and don’t try to act smart. Everyone was cursing Yug for giving priority to Chamcham. Rupa was telling Irawati that it would not be right as I can’t do this. Irawati told her that you have to go an ld show those papers to Yug. Rupa told her that Chamcham saved my child so I can’t do bad with her. Irawati told her that you need to decide whom you would save Gunjan or Chamcham.

Rupa went to Yug and told him that I want to show you something. Rupa took him along with her and showed that abortion register. A nurse standing over there also admitted that Chamcham came here for an abortion.

Chamcham was praying to God and telling that I got my true Love so I won’t miss the chance to prove this. Yug came to Chamcham and asked her about that abortion. Chamcham was standing quietly and Yug was requesting her to sorak up. Chamcham accepted and Yug asked her that who’s child was that. Chamcham told him that was Rony’s child. Suddenly everyone came over there and heard Chamcham confessing that I aborted my child and it was of Rony.

Rony thought how it can be possible. Saroj started beating her and telling that I am confused to whom I should hate. Dadi also started cursing Chamcham and scolding Rony. Rony was telling them that I haven’t done anything. Irawati told Rony not to act just confess what she is telling. Rony thought that now I would also add more spices. Rony told them that she is saying truth.

Yug went from there in aggression. Irawati told Saroj that you lost both of your children because of this dancer. Dolly informed Gunjan that Chamcham’s secret got reveled that Chamcham was pregnant and she aborted the child. Gunjan felt happy after listening to this. Dadi was blaming Saroj and questions her upbringing but Saroj told her that your son also did the same mistake. Rupa told them not to argue over here as this is a hospital. Rony went to Chamcham and asked her that why you killed my son as I didn’t like this.


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