Namak Issk ka written update 22 July 2021 Saroj get’s arrested!

At the beginning of the episode, Yug asks Chamcham why you are doing all this. Yug held her hand tightly and loudly ask her why you are doing ball this are you angry with me or mom tells me. Chamcham tells him now the water is going above the level you all consider me as a puppet and treat me as you wish. Yug says the way you danced in front of them was very disappointing. Chamcham tries to instigate him by telling that you have a problem with my past. Yug gets angry and throws things here and there.

Irawati came to Saroj and told her not to cry, I know Chamcham has insulted all of us. Irawati says how she can do this and like this Juhi won’t get married. Saroj tells her please don’t say this. Gunjan came and summoned Irawati.

Gunjan took her and acknowledged her that Chamcham secretly took my phone but before she could do something I took back my phone. Irawati saw her phone and told him that she has sent a message to Yug and till now he hasn’t read that. Irawati rushed from there.

Yug was sitting in his room and asking Satya how you could do this with mom. Irawati secretly came into Yug’s room and gestures Satya to stay quiet m Irawati secretly deleted that message and went off from there.

Rony gets a video of Satya in which she danced in front of the hospital. Rony was about to play the video Rupa came there. Rony tells her I think Chamcham is not mentally stable or she is not the original one. Rupa thinks he is right I have to talk with Yug.

Satya came to Saroj and thought for my mother I am troubling someone’s mother. Saroj asked her why you did this with us as now no one will marry to Juhi. Satya apologized to her for everything. Rupa went to Yug and tells him this is not our Chamcham. Yug says I was also thinking the same as she can’t do like this. Irawati called at the police station.


Chamcham tells Saroj to punish me for what I did. Chamcham took a bottle and smashed it on her head. Saroj was about to call the doctor but she told her not to call anyone as I deserve this. Satya was feeling guilty for the same which she is about to do.

Police came to Yug’s house and told them we got a call from that one if the daughter in law is getting tortured. Suddenly Chamcham came running and told them Saroj has attracted me you please arrest her. Saroj tells her why you are lying to them. Satya tells Yug this is the truth she attacked me. Yug tells her let me know what exactly happened.

Saroj was telling Yug to trust me I haven’t done anything. Police told her now the court will decide this and you have to go with us. Yug tells Satya to take this case back and if anything would have happened then we will leave this house. Satya told him you are giving priority to your mom and if someone would have done this will you say the same thing. Yug tells Saroj if you have done then you have to get punished. Lady constable arrested and took her with them.

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