Barrister Babu written update 22 July 2021 Anirudh gets emotional

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is happy as her team wins. Sampoorna suggests that they should eat food now. Everyone goes inside to eat. While Bondita stops Anirudh and wants to know from him why he didn’t throw the ball at her, she questions if he starts treating her as his friend? Anirudh denies and adds that something went in his eye so he could not throw the ball. Sampoorna tells Trilochan that Anirudh had stopped smiling. But since Vyjayanthi has come, he has started living heartily.

Further, the kids want to play more games but Trilochan and Sampoorna leave from there. Anirudh gets lonely in the game and is about to lose. Bondita joins him and they win. The children tie Bondita and Anirudh with a rope. Bondita and Anirudh try to free themselves. Just then, Anirudh notices the wound on Bondita’s back that Bondita had suffered when the sword rang. He starts asking her who she is.

Sampoorna comes there and handles the matter saying that the wound on her back was caused by a knife. She advises him not to consider everyone as his enemy. There Chandrachur’s detective tries to escape from Tulsipur to tell him the truth about Bondita. Here Anirudh gets angry seeing the rasgulla and is about to throw them. But Bondita stops him. She makes him understand that sweetness is also necessary for his life.


Anirudh starts eating chillies to show that life can be lived despite the pungency. Bondita gets angry and that too starts eating chillies. Trilochan stops them by scolding them. Bondita asks Saswati to give rasgulla to Anirudh but Anirudh refuses to eat as it reminds him of Bondita. Bondita fills his mouth with rasgulla. Here Chandrachur is unable to recognize his spy as his face is stained with mud.

He begins to stone at him as feels that he is his enemy and leaves from there. Anirudh gets emotional as he eats Bondita’s favourite sweet after 8 years. Bondita also gets emotional. Further, Chandrachur comes to Tupur and asks her to persuade Bondita to marry him or else he will leave her. She gets upset. Bihari is about to throw Rasgulla. However, Anirudh stops him. He asks her to feed sweets to the children. Children get happy. Bondita gets delighted too. She decides that she will soon get to know what is in Anirudh’s mind.

Upcoming: Anirudh plays the piano after 8 years. He looks emotional while The Roy Chaudhari’s arrive there and are very happy to see Anirudh playing the piano. While Bondita wants to know why Anirudh is crying. He asks her to shut up but she doesn’t. That’s when she faces his fury.

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