Nima Denzongpa 27 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Nima gets energized seeing the proof. She says thanks to Tulika for aiding her this much and gives all credit to her. Nima embraces her in bliss. Tulika requests that Nima show this evidence to the police and bring back her Virat. She
is expressing gratitude toward God however, Alok comes there.

She fears getting found out. He enquires her whose that? She glues her phony mustache and facial hair all over. She imagines Bindhu and lets him know that Tulika might be in the washroom. Later Alok goes to check on Tulika in the kitchen she was cooking there. Alok acclaims her there and asks her what happened yesterday?

Tulika imagines becoming flushed there. She asks her Is he failed to remember everything? He was jabbering Virat and Alok names in rest. He tells her he saw a don’t fantasy anything to stress. Tulika gets a call he takes it to really look at it. Both are pulling it one another and the telephone slip into the hot oil. Tulika gets shocked to hear it. She attacks him.

Nima and Suresh are wanting to carry the proof to police headquarters and discovered him in the act. They heard Tulika’s sound and races to there. Alok apologizes to Tulika for consuming her telephone and guarantees her that he will purchase new one for her. Nima gets stunned to see as the portable consumed.

Tulika isn’t prepared to pardon Alok for demolishing everything there. Alok says that she is responding peculiar it’s simply a portable. Later Suresh attacks Tulika for demolished everything. He grievances that now they don’t have anything in that frame of mind to demonstrate reality. She is worthless that is the reason she is thoughtless and lost her versatile which has proof.

Nima asks him ti quit reprimanding her she didn’t done it purposefully. She is battling a great deal then them. Tulika says that Suresh is correct she ought not be indiscreet like this. Nima gets a call from Sunita. She gets shocked to discover that her leg got injured. She illuminates to them that Sunita descended. It’s better they take her to the emergency clinic and she will arrive at there after them.

Nima sees Suresh fail to remember his wallet in home and illuminates him about it. Suresh gets back to home. Nima opens the entryway and gets stunned to see Alok there. He asks her why is she here? Doesn’t he go far away from them why did she follow him here? Nima asks him if doesn’t he has the disgrace to make a phony demise and set out to accuse his sibling? Doesn’t he contemplate his mother, spouse and youngster? He says that he couldn’t care less about them. Nima asks that Suresh could return on time.

In the interim Alok says that Nima is an individual whom generally needs everything ought to be awesome. Suresh spans to recognize and sees Alok’s vehicle there. Alok focuses their weapon at Nima there. She drove it away and attempts to take off. She descends the two push one another. Nima’s head hits on the wall and begins to drain. Suresh and Tulika arrive at there on time and hold Nima. Suresh battles with Alok yet he undermines him to listen him pointing a firearm at him.

Later Suresh and Tulika assists Alok with covering Nima. Suresh gets close to home seeing it. Alok requests them to leave before somebody got them. Suresh gets shocked to see Nima is alive there. Tulika asks him what’s he jabbering? Tulika requests him to leave however Suresh digs there to save Nima.