Udaariyaan 27 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Satti taking care of curd and sugar to Tejo and saying that her head and understudies are sitting tight for her. All of a sudden Deepti comes there and affirms something similar. Rupy shares with Tejo that Deepti clarified for head everything, so she doesn’t have to stress. Rupy and Dadi urge Tejo to have another beginning. Tejo tells Deepti that she will come in her scooty. Beautiful says that Jasmine’s telephone is turned off. Beautiful says that she left her telephone charger at home. She further says that she will go to Lovely’s home to bring Jasmine back home.

The man finds Jasmine dozing in his vehicle. He awakens her and reproves her for resting in his vehicle. Jasmine censures his vehicle’s condition and contends with him. He says that he will call police. Jasmine gets terrified and runs from that point. At the Virks Candy gives Fateh a gift bundle to open. Fateh opens it. Candy gets blissful viewing as his number one game. Simran asks who has sent this. Mayi says that Buzzo probably requested it online as Candy needed to purchase this when they had gone a few days ago for the market. A strange individual telephones Simran and cases of sending that gift to Candy. Simran questions him about his character and how he knows about Candy’s inclinations. Simran gets stressed getting comfortable with himself recognizable. She calls Buzzo to enlighten him concerning this. Buzzo says that he is buzy now and will converse with her when he will arrive at home.

Jasmine is sitting in Dhabba. Tejo is en route to her school. Her bicycle separates. Tejo considers what occurred. In the Dabba the man tells the accessible dishes to Jasmine. The last option reprimands him and sends him away. Jasmine regrets. She is ravenous, yet doesn’t have cash to pay the food. Jasmine considers calling Satti, however her telephone is dead. Jasmine arranges just water and beverages it. She attempts to take tidbits and takes off, yet she gets discovered in the act by the staff. The staff blames Jasmine for burglary and requests to call police. Jasmine tears her garments and takes steps to grumble against them for acting up with her. She takes a few bites and runs from that point. Jasmine neglects to see Tejo and runs opposite side.

The thugs who attempted to capture Tejo claiming to be Fateh’s companions, spot Tejo. They come to Tejo and say that they’re Fateh’s companions and last time she personally sat in their vehicle. They attempt to grab Tejo. Tejo hits them and yells for help. A squad car comes that side. The police group gets the ruffians. Tejo reviews their words and thinks about what might occurred. Later Tejo gets stunned knowing from Rupy what had occurred with her last time. Rupy says that endure for the long haul time Fateh saved her, however this time Tejo herself saved her. All of a sudden Satti returns crying and says that Jasmine isn’t at Sweety’s home. Rupy gets stressed and laments of sending Jasmine there in this condition. Tejo asks what they mean, what has been going on with Jasmine. Beautiful says that Jasmine is pregnant with Amrik’s youngster.

Somewhere else Jasmine is strolling out and about with trouble. Kids inconvenience Jasmine calling her crazy. Jasmine settled on kids decision Tejo crazy. Jasmine yells at the children and sends them away. Here Tejo gets cheerful finding out about Jasmine’s pregnancy. She inquires as to why they concealed it from her. Rupy says that this is on the grounds that Tejo lost her child. Tejo laments that Jasmine needs to experience in this condition on account of her. She goes to track down Jasmine. Satti gets stressed that Jasmine will enlighten Tejo concerning Jasmine and Fateh’s wedding choice.

Tejo tracks down Jasmine. She embraces her crying. She says that she just to be familiar with her pregnancy. She is sorry to Jasmine for misconception her and says that their folks cleared her misconception. She embraces Jasmine feeling regretful. Jasmine gets blissful and considers utilizing honest Tejo to satisfy her goal.