Pandya Store 16 April 2021 Written Update – Raavi Blames Shiva

At the beginning of the episode, Dev said that Shiva is mature and saves Raavi’s life. Ishika said she can’t listen to Raavi’s name so many times and ask Dev not to speak her name in front Ishika. Ishika said if she will speak someone else’s name then how he will feel? Dev got emotional. Ishika told she waited for their marriage and asked Dev not to spoil the moment. Dev said he is feeling sleepy so let’s get sleep. Gautam arrived in Suman’s room with food. Suman told if anything remains to say. Gautam apologized for speaking her rudely and in a louder voice. Gautam said whatever he had said is right. Gautam offered a stick to Suman and ask her to punish him for his mistakes. Suman started crying and said she was hungry for too long. Suman said whatever happened we can’t fix that, but it is Gautam and Dhara’s responsibility to keep everyone happy. Suman said if nothing will be ok then she will punish Dhara.

Hardik arrived at Prafula’s house. Hardik said he had lost his wallet and came here to search that. Prafula informed Anita that Harduk arrived. Gautam and Dhara shared a romantic moment. Dhara said anyone can saw them. Gautam said he is loving his wife only. Dhara sais he was discussing punishment for Dhara with Suman. Gautam said Dhara will not do anything like punishable. Dhara asked Gautam to control his feelings because they are not in their room. Hardik and Anita greet with each other. Prafula said she needs to go somewhere and left Hardik and Anita alone in the house. Anita went to get juice for Hardik.

Raavi was thinking about everything that had happened. Gautam and Dhara get to talk to Shiva. Dhara said she had done wrong with Shiva and asked him to apologize. Shiva said he can do anything, but he doesn’t like these fights inside the house. Gautam said every family has some fights going in. Dhara said these fights are the part kf like and make memories in the life. Dhara asks Shiva to become a friend of Raavi. Gautam and Dhara asked Shiva to go inside the room and told him not to fights with Raavi. Hardik and Anita was finding wallet. Anita found Hardik’s wallet.

Ishika disturbed Dev’s sleep and said she can’t sleep without Dev’s love. Ishika why Dev is behaving like these? Dev said his family is facing a big problem and ask her to understand his family’s problem.

Episode end.