Pandya Store 4 march 2021 Written Update – Gautam, Dhara’s Romantic Night

At the beginning of the episode, Gautam and Dhara were making love to each other. Gautam said only Dhara owns her and asked her to say something. Dhara said she don’t want to say something because we cannot speak everything and asked Gautam to feel the love. Dhara was going to change her dress, but Gautam stopped her. Dhara kissed Gautam and they continued to do romance with each other.

The children were going back home, they saw Prafula and shocked her with shouting like dogs. Shiva fights with Prafula for his mother’s bracelet. A girl come and said to Prafula to return the bracelet. Shiva said one day he will take her mother’s bracelet back from Prafula. Prafula left the place. Dev was talking to the small girl, but Shiva asked him to go home. Dhara was recognizing about last night. Gautam woke up, and give a hug Dhara. Dhara asked Gautam to leave her because Hardik can arrive anytime. Dhara and Gautam come out of the room and saw that Suman is entering the home. Gautam asked from where she is coming? Suman said she was out of the house last night. Kanta said to Gautam about that robbery scenario. Gautam asked Suman she is alright or not? Kanta said Suman is not alright, she just needs to rest at her age. Gautam said he will give the responsibility of money and home to Dhara. Gautam asked Suman to give keys to the locker. Suman without her wil was given the keys to Gautam. Gautam handed over the keys to Dhara and asked her to look after responsibility, and said Suman will not do anything from now and just rest in her room. Dhara said she is thankful for this responsibility.

Prafula was crying in front of her husband. Prafula said children attacked her and said she wanted to jump in the river. Prafula’s husband said he is worried about her. Prafula said if he is worried then why he is still quiet? Raavi arrived and said Prafula lies and Prafula wants to beat Shiva that’s he stopped her. Raavi said Shiva and his brothers were demanding their mother’s bracelet. Prafula shouted at Raavi and said she doesn’t deserve the family’s love. Prafula’s husband shouted at Prafula for shouting at Raavi. Prafula apologized to Raavi for shouting at her.

Prafula and Anita were buying vegetables in the market. Dhara came out of the gynaecologist’s clinic. Anita said if she had married Gautam then now she was going to a gynaecologist’s clinic. Prafula said the Pandya family will not inform about this to anybody but she will viral this news to the whole town.