Sasural Simar Ka 2 12 May 2022 written update: Dhami’s vile move

The episode starts with Gitanjaali Devi telling Aarav to bring Aditi for Post wedding ritual. Everyone was excited what Simar had made today for them. Gitanjaali Devi say Simar is a good cook she will make tasty food only. Aarav said it doesn’t smells like Simar has made. Dhami say he is right today she had cooked for everyone. Gitanjaali Devi asked the servant to bring what Simar had made. Dhami she threw them away. Aarav was leaving the table but Dhami made him sit by blackmailing him. Everyone wonders why he is listening to Dhami.

Simar requested everyone to eat as this is not good to leave the food uneaten on the table. Simar asked the servant to bring the food which she cooked. Everyone enjoys the meal and she gets jealous of her. Reema say her sister is kitchen queen.

Aditi came back home. Everyone welcomes her. Gitanjali Devi asked Simar to start the post wedding ritual. Simar tells Aditi that she is having too many relations with her. She was about to do the Tilak but Dhami stopped her. Dhami told Simar that she can’t do this because she is note her sister in law. Aditi told Dhami that she only consider Simar as her daughter in law. Suddenly Aditi feels dizzy and they took her inside. Dhami thought of doing something as they are being over smart.

Simar makes milk for Aditi. Dhami came into the kitchen and mixed something into the milk. Simar took that milk for Aditi. Dhami was watching her from the door. Aditi was not willing to drink but all of them forced her to have it. Suddenly Aditi started coughing. Simar doubts Dhami as she was standing at the door. Aditi say she added too much dry fruits. Simar feels relaxed as she had spotted Dhami mixing something into the milk.

Simar told Dhami that she was aware of her plan but she won’t let her harm anyone. Dhami underestimates Simar but she told Dhami that housewives are super multitasker. Dhami laughed and leaves from there. Simar held her hand and warned Dhami.

Reema and Dhami were searching for any strong evidence against Dhami. Suddenly they realised that someone switched on the AC. Vivan came there and asked what’s giving on? Simar said we are finding information about Dhami. Vivan say they won’t get anything. Simar saye if he really cares for her then reveal what he knows.