Kundali bhagya 12 May 2022 written update: Srishti doubts Natasha

At the beginning of the episode, Sameer tells Karan that Preeta is right. He says that Preeta has did her best to gather all the evidences. Karan says it’s quite strange because he thought that Natasha has bring all the evidences in court. Then Preeta comes and sees Karan. Kritika ask Prithvi how did he get all thes wounds? He says that his car met with the accident with the car of Preeta. He says that he won’t forgive Preeta for what she did. Karan ask Everyone to get in the car. He stops Preeta and says that she can come from another car. 

Kareena gives her car keys to Sherlyn and ask her to take Prithvi and Kritika to the hospital. Sameer tells Karan that Preeta has also recorded the confession of Sandesh. Karan ask him where is it? He ask him to stop taking side of Preeta. Kareena ask Natasha how she did all this? She says that she was very worried for Karan. Then she thought of some plans but at the same time she was also scared because there was so much risk. she says but finally everything has happened according to her plan.

Kareena says to herself that finally Karan is understanding the real intentions of Preeta. Preeta and Srishti goes to their house in the auto. There her grandmother says that she is very happy that Karan is out of jail but she is also upset because her hard work is ruined. Preeta says it’s okay. She says that her evidences got lost and thank god Natasha has did something by which Karan is saved. She says that they should be thankful to her. Then Preeta goes in her room and cries. Karan also takes out all the clothes of Preeta from the cupboard.

Janki says that she thinks that something wrong has happened. Preeta says that they are overthinking. She says that they shouldn’t care who has give the credit. Srishti says that only she can do this. She says that the confession of Sandesh is looking so forceful and the confession which they recorded was looking so natural. She says that she thinks Natasha has got to know about everything and then she changed the confession of Sandesh and helped him. Sherlyn asked Natasha to leave the house because now her time is over. Then Natasha told her what happened actually and she still have evidences against Prithvi. She ask her don’t she dare to do anything wrong with her.

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