Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 23 July 2021 Reema slams Simi

At the beginning of the episode, Simi came to Reema but she told her to knock and then come. Simi did the same. Simi came and told her these are few clothes for you. Reema threw them and says I won’t wear this. Then Reema tells her don’t consider yourself as a member of this house as you were thrown out of this house the day you got married and I too know that you have signed the divorce papers and after few weeks you would be out of this house. Reema tells her you are just a guest of this house and I am the only daughter-in-law of this house.

Reema says I told you I will be back within 2 hours. Simi tells her you threatened me for all that. Reema tells her it was just s game of one hour but you didn’t wait. Simi acknowledged her about the situation and how Simar convinced her. Reema asks if you won’t sit then my marriage might get broken but who the hell you are to take my place. Simi told her there was a lot of pressure on us. Reema says if I would be in your place then I won’t sit at any cost.


Reema told her I have taken over all the things just I need to take Aarav back. Simi told her by saying this you are betraying Vivan. Reema says I have learned all this from you and there is nothing wrong to take the thing back which belongs to me. Simi asks you will use Vivan for this. Reema shouts you didn’t leave any option for me so what I can do another than this. Reema tells her it’s just a start and there is very much ahead and I would take revenge for all the insult of my parents. Simi was about to leave Reema told her don’t show me your face till you stay here.

Chitra was telling Reema we can’t change what already happened and there might be something in you for which Vivan is crazy after you so I want you to make a new bond with you with this new gift. Reems touched her feet and thanked her for the gift. Reema tells her I don’t want all this but if you are giving this with so much love then I won’t deny it. Chitra tells her our duo will rock as we both are players.

Chitra was telling Giriraj how can we accept that girl as I know her intentions are not good. Giriraj told her we can make use by taking her into our team and this girl is like a fighter plane.

Vivan was doing romance with Reema but she told him till the whole family accepts us we can’t go further in our life. Vivan was not getting her but she pretends to be innocent and told him I am a little scared and I want everyone’s acceptance.

Simi was praying to God to fix everything as I don’t want anything to snatch from Reema. Suddenly the diva sets off. Simi tries to light it back. Their Aarav closed the windows to prevent the wind. Simi lights the diva and requests God to fix everything as I can’t see anyone upset. Aarav was watching Simi and he too prays