Uddariyan written Updates 23 July 2021 Last chance for Jasmine

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine tells I am worried for both of them though I have no right on Fateh but I am worried for both of them. Amrik tells her you are very kind-hearted as you care for those who hurt you. Jasmine says now I just want to know where are they as after that I would feel relaxed. Amrik tells her let’s go as we are out since last night if family members would get to know then they would create a scene.

Fateh and Tejo were having tea together and spending time together but Fateh was thinking about Jasmine and having that locket in his hand. Tejo was missing Fateh and thought of calling him to ask whether he is too missing me or not. Tejo saw several missed calls of Jasmine and called her. Jasmine picked the call and told her I was very much worried about you as I saw a nightmare, are you both fine and where you are? Tejo tells her we came back home as our car broke down. Jasmine tells her you to take a rest I will talk to you later.

Mamiji tells Satti that Gipy’s mother was asking till when these Sandhu’s will make us wait. Then I told them it’s your house as you can come today itself so they are coming within few hours to fix this alliance. Jasmine was about to go to college but Satti told her Gipy’s parents are coming so don’t go anywhere. Jasmine thought soon I have to meet Fateh.


Tejo servers snacks to everyone. Dadi and Mahi jokingly tease Tejo by asking what happened you seem to me happy today after coming from a night out along with Fateh.

Fateh was telling Bujo that I am betraying Tejo as Jasmine is not getting off my mind. Jasmine was thinking about how to meet Fateh today itself.

Tejo was watering plants. Khusveer came praised Tejo for making Fateh shine again. Jasmine secretly escaped from the house to meet Fateh. Here Tejo was hurrying as Fateh would be waiting for lunch. Jasmine went to Fateh. Fateh asks why you came here as I told you not to come here. Jasmine says you have to hear me as I am not having time because Gipy is coming with his parents to my house. Fateh told her I don’t want to talk with you.

Tejo reached to academy. Fateh told Jasmine what you thought you will come here with an innocent face and I will hear you then it’s your misunderstanding. Fateh went from there and Jasmine was following him. Suddenly she came across Tejo and Tejo asked her what you are doing here?