Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 8 May 2021 Written Update – Harak and Preeto refuse to believe Soumya

At the beginning of the episode, Soumya is about to fall but Harman saves her. Preeto is surprised to see Soumya and Harman together and she shouts at Soumya. Soumya is shocked to see Preeto. Preeto feels that this means Mahi was telling the truth that Soumya already knows Harman and has a relationship with Harman. Soumya tells that yes she knows Harman beforehand.

Kamini scolds Arjun and asks why he has come here. He tells her that he is dealing with debt and people are after him. Kamini calls him wretched. And says that he has spoiled her plan. But Nayantara says that Arjun has to make Simran feel that he loves her. And wants to adopt her daughter. Then the unhappy Simran will forgive him. Then both of them will rule this house. Arjun likes her plan.

Soumya tells Preeto that she took too long to recognize Harman. Because she stopped using her heart due to which she could not recognize Harman. But now she believes that he is Harman. She tells them how Harman saved her life today. And only Harman crosses any limits for her protection.

Saumya says that only Harman’s face has changed. Mahi tells Preeto that Soumya plays very well. She tells Soumya’s story as false and uses bad words for her. Harman’s head is spinning. And Soumya handles him. While Preeto is looking at them angrily. Harak also looks very confused.

Arjun calls Simran there. He apologizes to her. And pretends like he is very sad. Virat comes there and scolds Nayantara and Arjun. He asks Simran not to be sad. But Simran says that now she does not want to have any relationship with Rohan. At the same time, she tells Nayantara that Arjun can meet his daughter.

Soumya says to Mahi that she is not doing drama. The person who stands in front of them is Harman. She swears by Mother Durga and says that she is telling the truth. Preeto remembers how she was happy to see Harman and felt that her son had returned. But she does not say anything to Soumya and Harman and goes inside the house. Soumya is about to go after them but Mahi stops her. She says that Soumya cannot meet Preeto and Harak. Episode end.

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