Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 22 July 2021 Gurminder’s cunning plan

At the beginning of the episode, Gurminder informs Heer and Virat that Parmeet has regained consciousness. Virat smiles and Heer too. He goes to Parmeet’s room and the doctor informs them that Parmeet is fine but they have to take care of her. Heer tells her not to worry as they will take full care of Heer. Virat gets emotional and holds her hand and apologizes to her. She forgives him. He angrily adds that he will not leave Angel.

Heer also agrees to this. Looking at Parmeet, she warns that no one can separate her and Virat. Parmeet looks on. At the same time, she believes that they should file a complaint against Doctor Singh. However, Parmeet refuses as she does not want Angel to do any other drama. Heer agrees to her, but according to Virat, if he leaves Angel today, she will do the same thing again.

Heer asks him to work in peace. Virat agrees with her point. Gurminder further asks them to go home but Virat wants to stay with his mother so that he can take care of her. Parmeet explains to him that he has to go to college tomorrow too so he should go home. She adds that she is fine so they can leave. Heer makes Parmeet understand that she should not mess anything else. Heer suspicion is towards her wrong actions but since Virat is in front of her, she turns things around. While Parmeet understands her intentions.


They then leave for the house. Parmeet is upset as Virat has a lot of faith in Heer. That is why he didn’t question Heer. Whereas according to Gurminder, they will have to end this trust between Virat and Heer. Parmeet agrees to this. Here, Preeto laughs at Saumya that she and Harman have been together for years but their talks never end. Soumya smiles upon this. There Heer wants to have coffee with Virat but Heer sees Guru and hides.

Guru asks Virat what is he doing here. Virat pretends that he had come only for coffee. Guru wants to take him to the party. Virat does not want to leave Heer alone but leaves because of Guru’s insistence. Later, Guru plans that they will drink alcohol today. Virat refuses at first but Guru insistence so he agrees to it. Heer gets to know that Virat is about to party. While Virat is thinking that if Heer was also with him, they would have spent time together. He smiles while saying so.

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