Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki written update 23 July 2021 Virat and Heer drinks alcohol

At the beginning of the episode, Virat is lost in Heer’s thoughts. Guru calls out to him. He gives a glass of wine to Virat. Heer, who is standing there, is afraid that Virat might mess something up by drinking alcohol. Guru wants to share a secret with Virat. He notifies Virat that he likes Heer a lot and that she is quite different too. Virat says yes and adds that Heer is indeed very different. He remembers his and Heer’s moments.

Heer is unable to listen to their words. Virat wants to tell them something about Heer. Then he sees Heer there. Heer hides from him. Virat wonders where Heer has disappeared. He feels that perhaps he is seeing Heer in his dreams. He is about to get up from there but Guru stops him. After that, he drinks more. He is going to leave from there. Guru wants to know where he is going. Virat tells that he is going to the bathroom.

Heer asks for orange juice. The waiter gives her vodka with orange juice by mistake. Heer drinks two glasses of it because she likes that juice very much. Next, she starts getting dizzy. She is about to fall but Virat catches her. He wants to know what she is doing here. She tells him that she was following him. Virat wants to tell everyone his truth but Heer stops him as it is their secret.

Virat and she leave from there. Heer feels intoxicated that trees are flying. Virat says that the tree is not flying but she is flying because she is an angel. Heer starts laughing. They both share romantic moments. Then both of them come to their house. Heer and Virat laugh out loud and fall asleep. The next morning Heer’s eyes open. She wakes up and tells Virat that her head is hurting. The same is the case with Virat.

Heer tells Virat that she drank only orange juice, yet she got intoxicated. Virat asks her to bring the lemonade. Virat says that he should tell everyone his truth. Heer asks him if he is still drunk. Then they go to college. Virat still wants her to tell everyone the truth but Heer refuses. After this Heer sees a girl. She sees that the girl is helping everyone a lot but no one is listening to her plight.

She approaches the girl and asks her who she is. The girl tells her that her name is Geetu and she is in a problem. She tells that her father wasted all the money on alcohol. Heer is about to give her money but she refuses. Heer thinks of giving her a job. Virat wonders why Heer hasn’t come to the class yet. He then sees her with Geetu. She calls Virat and decides to introduce him to Geetu.

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