Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14 June 2021 Written Update – Shaurya takes a decision

Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi ki Kahaani is keeping the viewers engaged with its amazing plot and lots of twists and turns. In the upcoming videos, viewers will be treated with plenty of twists and turns for complete entertainment.

As the episode begins, we see that Shaurya tells Anokhi that he knows that she lied to him and that she still loves him. When she doesn’t reply he gets angry and says she is free to do what she likes as he is free to do what he wants. He says there is no need to continue their relationship like this and tries to wipe off Anokhi’s sindoor. Anokhi resists this. Shaurya asks her who is forcing her to break their relationship. Anokhi tells that it was Tej.

Shaurya is shocked to learn this. Anokhi says sorry about her behavior but it was because she didn’t want to hurt him by taking him away from his family. Saurya pushes her away and says how dare she blame Tej. Shaurya scolds Anokhi how could she end their relationship just because Bade Papa asked her to do so. He says he is shocked to see that Anokhi could be so weak and surrendered their love. He says Anokhi has broken his heart by giving up so easily and that he is disappointed in her. He says he loves her the most but he cannot live with a person who cannot take a stand for her love. He says now he is leaving her life and forever. Anokhi tries to follow him but he goes way and locks the room.

Babli is back and has heard everything. She asks why Anokhi did not speak to anyone before taking such a huge decision. Anokhi says she did not want Shaurya to be torn away from his family. To this Babli replies that Tej and Devi are Shaurya’s Bade Papa and Badi Ma not real parents and his real parents have no problem with this relationship.


In college, Shagun tells Astha she is concerned about Shaurya. Astha tell her to leave Shaurya alone. Shagun is worried why Shaurya is still not back after dropping Anokhi.

At home, Devi is wondering if Shaurya is back with Anokhi, but Tej is confident that this is not going to happen. He tells Devi to let Shaurya be alone in his grief. She asks Kanchan if she knows where Shaurya is. Kanchan says she doesn’t and wouldn’t tell her even if she did.

Shaurya has called ACP Ahir, Babli, Shaan and Astha to one place. Shaurya says he wants to get married again to Anokhi. He says they love each other very much, so he wants to make their relationship stronger by marrying again with full rituals. He tells them to keep it a secret from Anokhi, so she goes through the pain of losing him. Everyone agrees to support him in this plan.

In the next episode, we will see that Babli is telling Anokhi that Shaurya is going to get married to Shagun, but why will she care. Anokhi avoids her. Shaurya asks Anokhi what she thinks about helping Babli in planning his and Shagun’s wedding. Anokhi has no answer to this. 
What will be Anokhi’s reaction ? Till now we have seen, that Shaurya comes to know that Anokhi was going to sacrifice their love because of Tej and goes away from her ending their relationship. This is actually to teach her a lesson. He laters meets Babli, Ahir, Shaan and Astha and tell them about his plan to get married again but keeping it a secret from her. They agreed to support him.

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