Pandya Store 14 June 2021 Written Update -Raavi got amazed by Shiva’s behavior

Star Plus’s fiction “Pandya Store” depicts the traditional complicated family’s daily routine and challenges, which is vanished nowadays.

At the beginning of the episode, Rishita heard the conversation between Prafula and Anita that Gautam is going to sell the whole property for his own betterment. Rishita went to her room. Anita arrived in Dhara’s room and started helping her and asked her not to work too much. Dhara said she likes to help her family. Anita said Prafula is finding a boy for her and she doesn’t want to marry. Dhara said why she is telling everything to her? Anita said because they both are facing same problem and they both are incomplete. Dhara said she is not incomplete because Gautam is with her every time and asked Anita to do something for herself. Gautam arrived in his room, Anita leaves from there.

Raavi was eating mango and enjoying it, Shiva looks at Raavi and stopped. Raavi and Shiva started arguing with each other. Raavi offered mango to Shiva, but he refused to eat and leaves from there. Gautam started shouting at Dhara and asked her not to talk to Anita too much. Dhara said Anita was sharing something with her and that’s why she gave her a opinion and nothing else. Gautam said Anita is not a good girl and that’s why Dhara should not talk to her anymore.

Gautam informed Dhara that he want to inform his brothers about the deal of the property. Raavi decided to stay cool with Shiva. Shiva was cutting the wood, Raavi started laughing at him. Rishita planned to build something to their part of the property. Dev arrived in his room. Rishita give a opinion to Dev that they should build a farm house on the land. Dhara was eating raw mangoes, Gautam thought she is pregnant. Dhara said she is not pregnant and started enjoying mangoes, Gautam leaves from there.


Raavi try to inflame Shiva, but he didn’t get angry on her. Gautam messaged his brothers and asked them to meet in hall. Raavi got amazed and started thinking that what happened to Shiva and why he is not fighting with her? Anita brings a kadha for Dhara and asked her to drink this for one month and soon she will be pregnant. Dhara started shouting at Anita and said she don’t need anything. Anita said it’s been 10 years they both are married and have no children till now it means their may be some problem. Dhara said they have no defect and asked Anita not to think about them too much.

Gautam informed his brothers that he want to sell the property to open an another branch of Pandya Store. All of them get happy and agreed to Gautam’s decision. Rishita heard everything and decides to talk to Dev again.

Episode end.