Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 16 June 2021 Written Update -Shaurya meets Ramesh

Star Plus’s popular show Shaurya Aur Anokhi ki Kahaani is keeping the viewers engaged with its amazing plot and lots of twists and turns. In the upcoming videos, viewers will be treated with plenty of twists and turns for complete entertainment.

As the episode begins, Shaurya thanks Ramesh and Rama. He asks Ramesh if he can call him Papa ji like Anokhi. Ramesh agrees to that. Shaurya takes a selfie with Anokhi’s parents. Rama reminds Ramesh that they should give some shagun to Shaurya. Shaurya asks Rama not to tell anything to Anokhi so that she can be very happy after a little unease.

In college, Anokhi is looking for Shaurya. Tej meets Anokhi and says he is happy she made the right decision and he will help her in whatever she wants in college and hostel. Anokhi says all that is her right, but she wants something else and that id Shaurya’s happiness. She returned their son, but now they must ensure that he remains happy forever.

Anokhi is looking for Shaurya while he watches her from hiding. Devi is worried about Shaurya but Tej tells him she should stop worrying as whatever has happened is exactly how she wanted it. Tej says she couldn’t raise Shaurya as a Sabherwal, as he is still Astha’s son. Shaurya reaches home and Devi tries to emotionally blackmail him for staying away, but Shaurya says nothing like this will ever happen. Shaurya asks Devi to make a coffee for him while he talks to base Papa.

Shaurya tells Tej that he knows how he blackmailed Anokhi and he is disappointed in his behavior. Shaurya says he did all this to satisfy his own ego. He says he indebted to all that they have done for him but what is wrong is wrong and he is going to make things right now.


Shaurya calls the whole family together and tells them about his upcoming wedding with Anokhi. Kanchan congratulates him but everyone else is shocked to hear this. He tells them all to prepare for the functions. Devi is shocked to hear him call Astha as his mom. But, Shaurya says his wedding will remain incomplete without his mother. Devi says only she is his mother and Astha should not be allowed in this wedding. Shaurya says this cannot happen and he wants both his mothers to be there but if Devi does not want to be a part of the festivities, she is free to do so.

Shaan tells Devi and Tej that they will be pleased if they both are a part of the celebrations happily.

Anokhi finally finds Shaurya. Shaurya asks her why she still hasn’t left college. He asks her to wait for him for ten minutes and he will tell her a wonderful news.

Shaurya asks Shagun to help him. Shagun agrees.

Shaurya tells Anokhi to call him Shaurya sir. He gives her sweets and tells her that he is getting married to Shagun. Anokhi is taken aback upon hearing all this.

Episode end