Pandya Store 16 June 2021 Written Update -Anita planned something for Dhara

Star Plus’s fiction “Pandya Store” depicts the traditional complicated family’s daily routine and challenges, which is vanished nowadays.

At the beginning of the episode, Prafula started insulting Shiva in front of Dhara and said Dhara has destroyed Raavi’s by marrying her to an animal who don’t have common sense. Dhara asked Prafula to stay quiet, but Raavi opposed Dhara. Raavi asked why everyone shouts at Prafula every time and asked Dhara not to say anything to Prafula and leaves from there. Raavi come to Shiva and started shouting at him and asked him to respect Prafula. Shiva said he can’t respect Prafula anyhow. Raavi said she didn’t done anything wrong with him and his family, then why he is taking revenge from her? Shiva said nothing.

Prafula started packing her luggage and started crying in front of Raavi. Prafula again tried to inflame Raavi and said Gautam has collected the whole money and asked her to think about her future and money. Raavi asked Prafula to stay away from Shiva. Dev bring raw mangoes for Dhara. Suddenly delivery boy arrived with Rishita’s parcel. Dev cancelled the order due to unavailability of cash to him. Rishita fights with Dev. Dhara asked Dev to behave properly with his wife and take her to the market.


Shiva went to money lender and asked him to give him Rs. 125000. Anita was planning something for Dhara, she stolen a box from Prafula’s almirah. Dev and Rishita went to market, Rishita saw Shiva in money lender’s cabin and informed Dev about this. Dev refused to believe that Shiva went to money lender’s cabin. Anita was mixing something in kitchen. Raavi arrived in kitchen and asked her to explain Prafula that Pandya family is her own family.

Raavi and Shiva again started arguing with each other. Raavi said she can’t oppose Prafula because she always take care of her. Deb and Rishita come to Shiva. Rishita said why he went to market without informing anyone? Shiva said he didn’t went to market. Rishita asked why he went to money lender’s cabin? Shiva said he was their in the Haweli and leaves from there. Rishita said Dev that Shiva is hiding something from everyone. Anita spread oil on the stairs, for Dhara. Anita said to herself that when Dhara will get injured then she will take care of her and take revenge from her.

Episode end.