Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 19 January 2022 written update: Arjun slapped Opu

At the beginning of the episode, police arrived at Arjun’s home. Kaushik informed police that Opu and his family kidnapped Multhi from his house. Kaushik asked police to arrest Opu, Kajol and Chandana. Kajol asked Multhi to go back to her home, Anurag stopped her and asked her to support Opu and Multhi for marriage. Anurag called pandit ji to Kajol’s home. After some time, pandit ji arrived at Kajol’s home with everything that he needs to complete marriage rituals. Kajol and her family made mandap at the hall of Kajol’s home. Opu and Multhi sits in the mandap and pandit ji was completing the marriage rituals.

Arjun and his family arrived at Kajol’s home and started beating the door. Police opened the door and came inside the Kajol’s home. Police arrested Opu and Arjun’s family also gets in. Arjun destroyed the mandap’s arrangements. Anandita asked what is going on? Anandita shouted at Chandana. Kaushik hold Multhi’s hand and asked her to go home, but Kajol tried to stop him. Naina asked what is going on? Shreya said Opu is going to marry Multhi. Kaushik pushed Kajol, Anurag handled her. Anurag shouted at Kaushik and asked him not to touch Kajol. Kaushik asked police to arrest everyone. Multhi told police that she loves Opu and want to marry him.

Opu asked Arjun to understand their love. Arjun slapped Opu and asked him to stay away from Multhi. Kaushik said he will ruin Opu’s life. Anurag asked police to leave from there because it’s family’s personal matter. Anurag informed police that Kaushik is forcing his daughter to marry someone, without her will. Kajol said Opu and Multhi love each other and that’s why we should support them. Priyanka was calling Anurag, but he didn’t picked up her call. Anandita asked Multhi to go home. Chandana said Naina married to Arjun then Anandita should also allow Multhi to marry Opu. Anandita said Multhi and Naina has no comparison.

Priyanka called Anurag’s nanny and asked where is Anurag? Anurag’s nanny said Anurag is not there in the home. Kajol tried to convince Anandita but she didn’t listened to her. Multhi informed police that her father has locked her in the room. Multhi went close to Shreya and hugs her. Everyone get shocked. Multhi shows gratitude towards Shreya for helping her to ran out of the house. Shreya asked when did she helped her? Multhi said when she was running she saw Shreya near the entrance. Shreya said she didn’t helped Multhi. Naina said Shreya is the one who helped Multhi and started shouting at her. Police stopped everyone. Police asked does anyone forced Multhi to marry Opu? Multhi said she loves Opu and want to marry him.