Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani written update 23 January 2022 weekly

In the last week, we saw that an NRI family arrived at Arjun’s home and decided to marry their son to Multhi. Naina captured a photo of Multhi and that boy and send it to Opu. Opu thought that Multhi betrays him. Shreya opened Multhi’s room door so that she can run out of the house. Multhi packed her luggage and move out of the house. Multhi sit in a cab and direct him towards Opu’s home, but cab’s driver took her somewhere else. Multhi came out of the cab and started shouting. Suddenly Anurag arrived there and started beating that cab driver. That cab driver ran away from there. Anurag asked where she was going? Multhi started crying.

Anurag took Multhi to Kajol’s home. Kajol get shocked after watching Multhi with her luggage. On the other hand, Anandita get to know that Multhi ran away from the house, she gathered everyone. Shreya said she went in Multhi’s room and she found Naina’s earring there. Whole family started doubting at Naina. Anurag informed everything to Kajol. Kajol shows gratitude towards Anurag for saving Multhi from cab driver. Anandita asked why Naina helped Multhi to ran out of the house? Naina said if she want to help Multhi, then she had never informed everyone about Multhi’s affair. Kaushik said he will found out the real culprit.

Kajol asked Multhi to go home because it’s mid night. Multhi said her father kept her inside a room and he took her mobile phone. Anandita started crying and asked how Multhi can ran out of home for a middle class guy Opu? Kaushik shouted at security guards. Naina blamed Shreya for everything. Kajol said she will talk to Multhi’s family regarding Multhi and Opu’s marriage. Multhi said her family hates Kajol and that’s why she will not listen to her. Arjun informed police that Kajol’s family kidnapped Multhi. Anurag said he will help Opu and Multhi to marry each other. Chandana said Opu can’t marry Multhi because she is Arjun’s sister.

Anurag called pandit ji to Kajol’s home. After some time, pandit ji arrived at Kajol’s home with everything that he needs to complete marriage rituals. Kajol and her family made mandap at the hall of Kajol’s home. Opu and Multhi sits in the mandap and pandit ji was completing the marriage rituals. Arjun and his family arrived at Kajol’s home with police’s team. Opu asked Arjun to understand their love. Arjun slapped Opu and asked him to stay away from Multhi. Multhi informed police that her father has locked her in the room. Multhi went close to Shreya and hugs her. Multhi shows gratitude towards Shreya for helping her to ran out of the house.

Kaushik asked police to arrest Opu and his family for kidnapping Multhi. Police inspector said Mutlhi want to marry Opu and that’s why we can’t take any action against Opu. Police leaves from there, Multhi shows gratitude towards Anurag. Arjun hold Multhi’s hand and decided to go home but Kajol stopped Arjun. Kajol said Multhi will marry to Opu now. Kajol asked Naina to support her brother’s love story. Kaushik said if Multhi will marry to Opu then he will not give his money to Multhi. Kajol said she will take care of Multhi and will fulfill all her requirements. Multhi started crying and said she is orphan now. Anurag said he will take care of Multhi now.

Arjun’s family leaves from there. Opu and Multhi completed their marriage rituals and become husband and wife. riyanka arrived at Kajol’s home and started clapping. Priyanka informed everyone that she is going to marry Anurag next week, everyone get shocked. Chandana congratulates Priyanka and give blessings to Anurag. Priyanka said goodbye to Kajol and then they both leave from there. Anandita shouted at Shreya for helping Multhi to ran away. Shreya said she never helped Multhi and she will prove it. Kaushik called Anurag’s aunt and informed her about Multhi’s marriage.

What problems Kajol will face due to Opu’s marriage?

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