Udaariyaan 12 June 2021 Written Update – Fateh makes Jasmine anxious

Color TV’s popular show Udaariyaan is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing LOVE TWIST. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Fateh was at the dining table and saying what a delicious breakfast mom it’s just like out of the world. Dada Ji tells Fateh this is specially made for you by your wife. After listening to this Fateh says these are not as tasty as mom’s once and left the table. Tejo follows up with him and asks why you didn’t complete your breakfast before you were not aware that I have made you were enjoying the meal and as soon as you get to know that I have made you started giving excuses. Tejo says why you are doing like this as I apologized for yesterday and if all these go like this it won’t get settled. Fateh told her don’t want any settlement. Tejo told him there in front of Jasmine you were shouting that there is not Tejo’s fault and here you pretends like it’s my fault.

Dadi makes a plan for Vaishno Devi. Gurpreet asks will Fateh agree to this. Mahi tells her we would send both of them to Patnitop. Fateh came there and told them I won’t go anywhere and if Tejo wishes to go she can go happily. Gurpreet says if we all would go then who will take care of Fateh. Dada Ji told them that Tejo will care for her as today also she made breakfast for him which he ate happily.

Jasmine came to Fateh’s house and tell everyone to call Fateh as he is having my passport. Tejo says I will bring that for you just wait here. Tejo went inside and gets shocked to see Fateh shirtless. Fateh goes and hides behind the curtains. Tejo tells him why you didn’t lock the gate. He says how would I get to know that you would come like this inside the washroom. Tejo took Jasmine’s passport and she was about to leave Fateh to ask her what you are taking show me. She acknowledged to him that Jasmine is there waiting for her passport. Fateh tolkt it feomt her and went to Jasmine. Fateh put that Passport in her hand and says now there is nothing left between us.

Jasmine was about to leave but Fateh took her inside by saying you can’t go like this as you are the only sister of my wife. Fateh serves her snack and insists on her eating. Fateh says this is made by my amazing wife. Fateh intentionally stand close to Tejo to make her jelaous. Jasmine says what you think I will get hurt then you are wrong because I don’t care for both of you. Jasmine left from there. Gurpreet asks him what you were doing with her as she is the one who spoiled your life. Fateh didn’t say anything and left from there.

Jasmine came out of the house and thought I think that I know Fateh you still love me and what all you did inside was just a drama.