Udaariyaan 14 May 2022 written update: Fateh breaks into tears

The episode starts with Amrik falling unconscious. Fateh tells Jasmine to call the doctor. On the other hand, Gurpreet was getting a bad vibe. The doctor came and examined Amrik. He told them that he is no more. Fateh and Jasmine left in shock. Fateh insists Amrik open his eyes. Jasmine also did not believe that he is no more. They both cry holding his hand.

Fateh thought Tejo would do something. Jasmine says she is not there. Fateh remembers how Amrik tell him about a dream in which they all went back to India. Fateh wishes that dream come true. The ward boys came to take Amrik’s body for postmortem. Jasmine was not letting them take Amrik’s body. Anyhow they handled her and took him away. Fateh and Jasmine cry sitting there only.

Khusveer and Bujjo came to the parliament office. He blamed Rupy for defaming his family by leaking Mahi’s video. Rupy asked him to talk in limits as they won’t do such things. Abhiraj said the whole college knows that she was dating someone and he himself saw her in s café. Bujjo thought if she really went to meet him again. Khusveer warned Rupy that if gets any proof against his party then he will cross the limits.

Jasmine tells Fateh all this happened because of her as she insisted him to come here. She asks where is Tejo and asked him to look for her. Fateh went to see where is Tejo. He finds her the whole day but he didn’t get her.

Khusveer was putting garland on Tejo’s photo. Gurpreet thought this needed to be stopped. Simran asks her when Fateh will come back. Gurpreet says he will come along with Jasmine and Amrik. Sirman get’s happy and thanks god. Khusveer says to tell him not to worry about them. Gurpreet says don’t say like this she will welcome them with Aarti. Beji request Khusveer to forgive them and let them Live. Gurpreet was getting happy thinking that Fateh will bring Tejo and she will make them marry as soon as possible.

Fateh was sitting and crying somewhere. Tejo comes from the opposite side. Fateh came near seeing Tejo. She gently pushes him back.