Udaariyaan 22 June 2022 written update: Jasmine plots an evil plan

The episode starts with Jasmine coming to Tejo’s room. She saw Fateh sleeping on the floor. Jasmine thought she won’t lose Fateh this time. She slept beside Fateh and intentionally tap on his shoulder so that he could see her. Fateh woke and saw Jasmine was sleeping beside him. He wakes and asks what she is doing here. Jasmine shows fake concern for Tejo. Fateh tells her that he won’t be able to marry her but he will do everything for her child. Jasmine says she can understand his feelings so not to worry about that. Tejo calls Fateh. He went back into the room. Jasmine thought she will separate Fateh from Tejo soon.

The next day Tejo woke up in the morning. Fateh was doing his workout. Tejo asks what he is doing. Fateh said today he is having a match in college. Tejo started telling him that she will also go with him and see him winning the match. Jasmine came there with milk for Tejo. Tejo tells her to get lost. Fateh makes her understand that she cares for her.

Jasmine tells Fateh that she will bring Tejo to see his match. Tejo denies. Fateh convinces Tejo to come with Jasmine if she wants to see his match. Tejo agrees to come with Jasmine. Fateh tells Jasmine not to mind her words. Tejo goes to get ready. Jasmine thought of an evil plan in her mind. She locks Tejo in the washroom. Tejo bangs the door but Jasmine was enjoying the music. Suddenly Rupy and Satti came to see Tejo. Jasmine escaped through the window. Rupy and Satti bring her out of the washroom. Jasmine teases her by accepting in private that she locked her in the washroom. Tejo gets mad at her and throws things at Jasmine. Rupy and Satti calm down her. Jasmine thought rest she will do at the match.

Jasmine took Tejo on the stage. The principal asks Tejo when she will join the college. Tejo acts like a kid in front of them. She leaves from there searching for Fateh. One of the teachers asked Jasmine why she is behaving like this. Jasmine said she can’t say anything now. Fateh made arrangements for them to sit and see the match. Tejo called Fateh to tie her hair. Fateh came and help her out. Everyone was wondering what Fateh is doing over there. Fateh tells Jasmine to take care of Tejo. She tells him not to worry and focus on the match.