Udaariyaan 23 June 2022 written update: Jasmine causes trouble for Fateh

The episode starts with Fateh’s match. Tejo was also there to see Fateh playing. The match was about to start and Tejo was excited to see Fateh winning the match. Jasmine tells Tejo to stay here she is going to attend an urgent call. She saw Sweety’s brother was covering the match. She called Sweety to tell his brother to focus on Fateh today he will get good drama. While playing Fateh fell down. Jasmine started provoking her so she goes in between the match to meet Fateh. Tejo remembers Fateh told her not to go anywhere from here. Fateh was not able to focus in the match.

Jasmine asks Tejo if she will eat popcorn. Tejo says they are my favorite. Jasmine tells her to wait here she will bring it for her. Sweety’s brother was covering Tejo while she was acting like a child. Satti saw Tejo on Tv and thought about what people will talk about her. Rupy said we have to accept her then others will have to accept her. Jasmine tells other teachers about Tejo’s behavior. She thought soon everyone will get to know about her condition.

Fateh came to meet Tejo at halftime. He tells her not to go anywhere. The match again started and Fateh’s team were losing the match. Jasmine pushed Tejo and provoked her. Sweety brother was covering Tejo while she was behaving wild. Gurpreet tells Khusveer to convince Fateh. He tells her that Fateh can take his own decision and let him do his own.

Jasmine gives gestures to the captain of the opponent team. He intentionally pushed Fateh and he fell down. Fateh got injured. Jasmine manipulates Tejo by saying that they are intentionally doing it. Tejo goes in between the match and fights with the opponent’s team captain. She slapped him. Fateh calm down her. Someone said who is this mad girl. Fateh got angry and fight with the opposite team. The opponent team won the match.

Jasmine act’s innocent in front of Fateh and asks what happened to the match. The principal mam called Fateh. He tells Tejo to stay here untill he comes. All the senior faculty blamed Fateh for losing the match. They decided to take action against him. Jasmine tells Tejo because of her Fateh will get scolded.