Sasural Simar Ka 2 23 June 2022 written update: Simar spy on Ryeansh

The episode starts with Simar thinking about the responsibility that Gitanjali Devi gave her. Aarav asks where she is lost? Simar tells him that she is worried about something. Aarav tells her to let’s go out and talk about it. Simar tells him about the responsibility that Gitanjali Devi gave her. Aarav say Gitanjaali Devi is little hurrying in his case. Simar says she is not sure whether she will do it properly. Aarav tells her first to talk to Ryeansh about it. Simar thought she will think about it from tomorrow.

Ryeansh was listening to music at high volume and smoking. Simar was passing by and thought he haven’t slept yet. She goes into her room and saw he messed up his room. Ryeansh said it’s a bachelor’s room. Simar tells him that Gitanjali Devi decided about his marriage. Ryeansh says he can’t marry too soon. He tells Simar that he stays far from the girls. Simar tells him to confess if he likes anyone or else she had to find one.

Ryeansh went to her mother and tell her Simar is finding a girl for his marriage. He tells Chitra that she should find a girl for him. Chitra told him not to worry she will find a girl for him. Ryeansh thanked her mom. Reema came back home. Vivan ask where she went so early. Reema said he enquired everything about her shoot so he can manage to find it too. Vivan says he just cares for her. Reema said she is trying to do something without his help. Vivan said he had sent her portfolio everywhere that’s why she is getting so many calls. Reema says she can get work on her own as she has such a beautiful face. Vivan tells her that they consider her overaged. Reema gets angry and tells him not to call anyone for her.

Simar was trying to find out about the girl whom Ryeansh love. Vivan and Reema were arguing. Ryeansh came there praising Reema for looking so beautiful. He tells Reema that she should become a model. Reema said finally an intelligent man came into the house. She goes with Ryeansh to get his opinion about her portfolio. Simar didn’t find Ryeansh on anyone’s friend list. Aarav tells her to send him a friend request from a fake profile. Simar was not willing to do it but she had to do it. She takes Gagan’s help in this. Ryeansh accepted the friend request that Gagan sent him from a fake profile. Ryeansh tells Reema that she should find a girl for him, not Simar. Reema said Simar can only do this. Ryeansh says he wants a girl like her so she had to do it for him. Reema agrees with him.