Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th March 2023 Written Update

Woh Toh Hai Albela 17th March 2023 Written Update, Chaman requesting Sayuri and Kanha for letting her stay for few days till the time things get better in her village. Kanha asks do you have any of your known there? Chaman says sister please help me. Chaman thinks I have to take Sayuri’s name but my eyes are set in Kanha who is so handsome and good I can stay with her forever. Chaman keeps requesting. Saroj and Dadi Mausi come there. Kanha explains them the situation.

Dadi Mausi says these people are outsiders we can’t trust her and we can give some money to her as she was staying there so what issue can come. Kanha and Sayuri whisper to each other how it’s not safe to keep someone unknown at home with elderly and children at home. Dadi Mausi scolds Chaman for not leaving. Chaman cries and wishes well for Sayuri and Kanha. Chaman starts to go and thinks I need to do something. Chaman acts as if she got mirgi attack. Dadi and Saroj worry. Kanha goes to save Chaman while Chaman gets mesmerized and thinks I hit the jackpot. Kanha asks for keys and Chaman holds it tightly. Kanha says I will return these keys to you. Sayuri says let Nakul come home and we can decide ahead. Dadi Mausi and Saroj are upset and apprehensive. Sayuri asks the servants to take Chaman. Chaman gets happy seeing the keys in her hand and how the mansion is so huge.

Saroj and Dadi Mausi sit in the garden. Saroj is worried and upset while Dadi Mausi tries to calm her. Saroj says one by one everything is going wrong, tomorrow Kanha and Sayuri want to name that baby and we are not getting the DNA report, I am thinking to do a puja here. Dadi says first calm yourself, DNA report will come tomorrow mostly and if the baby is Kanha’s then okay or else we know what to do. Dadi Mausi and Saroj discuss how this girl doesn’t seem right, and only Nakul can say what to do next. Sayuri and Kanha make Chaman sleep and they leave. Chaman gets happy getting intro into the mansion and sees love between Kanha and Sayuri. Chaman thinks if I was the one Kanha loved then I would have received so much love. Chaman sees her phone to see Tingu’s missed calls.

Chaman calls Tingu and tells him how their plan is successful. Tingu says wow when should I take the entry? Chaman says I will let you know for now let me see the situation here, the mansion is so big. Tingu says I was so worried for you, but what if Nakul or his wife see you? They know your truth. Chaman says I have heard they are ill so when he comes I will see till that time let me enjoy. Dadi Mausi decides to take the keys from Chaman for Saroj’s sake. Dadi Mausi sees Chaman sit in a weird position so Dadi Mausi is scared but tries to take the keys. Chaman thinks I won’t let you take the keys so easily. Dadi Mausi fears Chaman thinking she has got some evil spirit inside of her but still takes the keys and goes. Chaman thinks it was fun I will keep troubling this woman now. Here, Sayuri shows Kanha a dress Dadi made for Mithu and an anklet made by Kuku. They discuss who will name Mithu. They both fight over it cutely. Kanha says you will not let me name then what if I go after some other woman. Sayuri says then go. Kanha says if really someone comes between us then you will be the most affected one. Sayuri says I know no one will come and we won’t let anyone come. They hug.

Precap – Mithu’s naming ceremony preparation starts when Nakul spots Chaman.