Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 April 2022 written update: Birla and Goenka’s compete to win

In the beginning of the episode, the Goenka’s dance around Abhimanyu and Akshu. Akshu gets emotional and gets lost, he pinches her and brings her to reality. Neil clicks a photo of Abhimanyu and Akshu. Neil then says that the families should get ready for the competition as it’s the main event of the sangeet. Harshwardhan goes to drink juice and sees Manish, ge says to him that what does he think they’ll be able to win from them at their house. Manish says he doesn’t think so but it looks like they are afraid of the Goenka’s winning.

After Akhilesh takes Manish with him, Harshvardhan thinks to himself that he doesn’t have interest in winning dance competitions but he also can’t lose from the Goenka’s in anything. The Goenka’s and Birla’s compete in the sangeet. Abhimanyu shocks the Goenka’s by doing stunts and taking away the win. Akshu throws stones to get Abhimanyu disbalanced to win the sangeet. Akshu starts screaming they won.

Harshwardhan says to Abhimanyu he can keep worshipping Akshu and she cheated to win from him. Akshu says it’s the fun of the rituals, he says she cheated and made everything serious. Akshu says that she did it for fun and not to make things bad, Anand and the families smile and lighten the mood. Abhimanyu shows eyes to Harshwardhan and leaves.

Harshwardhan goes behind Abhimanyu and says to him that when he can see that Akshu cheated against her would-be-husband, to protect her family. Harshwardhan says tk Abhimanyu that he shouldn’t blindly trust Akshu as when she breaks it he wouldn’t be able re- build it. After Harshwardhan leaves, Abhimanyu thinks of all of the incidents where Akshu sided with her family and hurt his feelings.

Akshu says to Kumar Sanu to wait as she will cook his favourite sweet, Neil requests her to cook kachori as well. Akshu goes and Manjuri says she will help her Abhimanyu stops her and says he will help Akshu. Meanwhile, Mahima waits for the detective to arrive so that he can reveal the truth to Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu goes and leans by the door, Akshh asks him if he is here to help her, or disturb her. Abhimanyu says he is disturbed as Akshu cheated him. Akshu asks him if he is trying to make her feel guilty. Abhimanyu turns his face, Akshu tries to make up with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu remembers what Harshwardhan said to him about trust.

Akshu completes the cooking and says to Abhimanyu that Kumar Sanu likes the kachori. Abhimanyu serves the kachori and asks Kumar Sanu to sing one last song. Kumar Sanu sings the song, and Abhimanyu and Akshu dance together. The new detective arrives and Mahima gets happy.

Upcoming- The detective shows the footage to Abhimanyu. He says that the car was of Arohi Goenka and there was another girl with her in the car. Abhimanyu gets shocked.