Anupama written update 16 January 2022 weekly

In the last week we saw that, Kavya organized a new year party at Shah residence and invited everyone. Malvika decided not to attend the new year party because she has some bad memories of new year’s eve. Anupama asked Malvika to go for the party. When Anupama, Anuj and Malvika was going to Shah residence, suddenly a man was running behind his wife to beat her. Malvika recognized something and got a panic attack. Malvika went to their room and started shouting in pain. Anuj informed Anupama that he married Malvika to a boy and that boy used to beat Malvika. Vanraj also arrived at Anuj’s home because no one arrived to join the new year party.

Anupama gave pillow to Malvika and asked her to consider that as her ex-husband. Anupama asked Malvika to take her revenge. Anupama said our society is facing this problem but no one talks about it. Anupama said society only see that a man is living with his family but they never see that he is beating his life partner. Anupama was working in the kitchen and she did video call to Pakhi. Anupama asked Pakhi to gather everyone and she apologized in front of everyone for not attending the new year party

Anupama took Malvika to the garden. Anuj ans Shah family perform on a dance to encourage Malvika to live her life happily. Malvika gets happy after watching everyone together and shows gratitude towards Anupama. Anupama asked Malvika to learn from her past incidents and move ahead in her life. Anupama told Anuj that we need to consult psychiatrist for Malvika’s mental health. Baa informed Baapuji that Kavya is in Mumbai and she is looking for job opportunities.

Later Pakhi took Anupama to her room and informed that she want to go US for further studies. Anupama said she will not able to stay without Pakhi. Pakhi gets happy and get emotional. Anupama asked does she decided any college for studies? Pakhi said she has not decided yet but she want exposure that’s why she need to go out of the country. Baa gave cold coffee to Pakhi, but she denied to drink that. Baa said Pakhi should think about Anupama’s decision. Pakhi said she knew that no one will support her dream. Baa said Pakhi is too young and that’s why she should not go out of the country.

Malvika feed sweets to Vanraj in her office, Anuj and Anupama saw them. Anuj went out of the office and Anupama come to Vanraj. Anupama asked Vanraj to stay away from Malvika. Vanraj said he has no feelings for Malvika and it doesn’t matter to him whatever Malvika think. On the other hand, Nandini arrived at Shah residence and fights with Samar. Nandini said Anupama is supporting Malvika but she never think about Kavya. Samar said Kavya need a break that’s why she went out for few days. Baa said Kavya has problem regarding Vanraj, but family is still with her.

Later Anupama went to Anuj’s home and pack her luggage and decided to go to her home. Malvika sits in front of Anupama and asked her to stay at Anuj’s home. Anupama said people will make fun if she will stay at Anuj’s home. Anuj asked Anupama not to think about society and stay here for Malvika. Gopi Kaka said society always make fun of everyone that’s why one should not think about society. Anupama decided to stay at Anuj’s home. Anuj asked Anupama to promise him that she will never leave him. Baa called Anupama and informed her that Samar and Nandini had a fight.

Will Nandini and Samar stop fighting with each other?

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Anupama”.

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