Imlie written update 16 January 2022 weekly

Imlie is a love story of two people who got married forcefully by the villagers. One who is young and spontaneous and the other a Strict journalist both on different stages in their lives. It’s a gripping story with new twists and turns in the journey of them finding love in each other.

In this week’s episode we saw,  Imlie rushes to Aryan’s office to tell him that Aditya has managed to get Atank for an interview. She says to him that he gave him 24 hours but he did it way before time. Aryan says he is telling her before seeing the footage that if it doesn’t look to him interesting enough he won’t telecast it as the channel viewership is more important to him than Aditya’s big news break. Both of them go to the telecast room to see the footage.  Aditya asks Atank about his demands and his ways being different from Satyakam. Atank says to him that he wants Pagdandiya to be independent and he wants to rule it, and he says Satyakam trusted the city people and ended up in jail. Aditya continues to ask him tough questions and the connection is lost from his office.

At Pagdandiya, the guy who helped Aditya takes him to the party and then gives him alcohol to drink. He first refuses him and then accepts the offer. Meanwhile, Malini tries contacting Aditya and is not able to. Imlie gets worried and thinks to herself that she should for once keep a update on him. She gets away from the party to make a call. The lights get off and Aryan takes center stage and announces that Imlie is going to sing a song, everyone starts insisting her to sing. Aryan thinks to himself that once she will be distracted, she won’t focus on Aditya’s whereabouts who doesn’t deserve her attention and care. Imlie sings on everyone’s request.

Malini’s blood pressure increases and Aparna goes to ask Anu about her health, who taunts her for not worrying about her health and stopping her son from leaving. Aparna says she’ll talk to Imlie and ask her about Aditya’s whereabouts. Anu this is what she doesn’t want her to do as there is no relation left between Imlie and Aditya. Aparna finds Imlie and asks her about Aditya, she tells her that there is no network in Pagdandiya because of which she is nog able to reach her. Meanwhile, Imlie returns back to the party and her colleagues tease her for being too simple as she doesn’t drink. She then says to everyone that drinking alcohol doesn’t measure anyone on the scale of being fun or simple.

Arpita tells everyone that they have to pick a mask and match with their partners and dance. Imlie picks a mask and tries to get away so that she can contact Aditya and hopes that Aryan would get busy. Aryan sees her staring at her phone and picks the mask. When Imlie is getting away, Aryan holds her hand and says to her that they are partners for the dance.

Arpita gets trapped around fire and because of her trauma gets panicked. Narmada screams Aryan’s name for help. He runs towards her, Imlie stops him and says to him that to not do anything as she also wants to help Arpita. When Aryan doesn’t stop she uses a stick and later hits him with her elbow and makes him fall down. Arpita sees Imlie hurting Aryan and screams at her and gets over her phobia and comes out of the fire alone. Narmada and Arpita thank Imlie, and Aryan also thanks her. Narmada thinks to herself that like Imlie helped her daughter she can help her son and bring back happiness in his life.

Aditya wakes and the earpiece rings and he picks the call. He talks to Atank who says to him that he’s ready to give him a one on one interview in person. He calls he’s associates and asks to get the coordinates of the call. Imlie reaches Tripathi house and informs them that Aditya is fine. Malini taunts her, she says to her to not feel jealous as she got the information about Aditya.

Will Aditya return safely from Pagdandiya?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Imlie”.

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