Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 16 January 2022 weekly

Star Plus’s longest and most popular running show Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai has managed to keep the viewers hooked to the story over the years and currently entertaining the viewers with Akshu, Abhimanyu and Arohi’s love triangle storyline.

In last week’s episodes, Akshu leaves the hall to remove the mehendi. Kairav sees her missing and goes behind her to look for her, but Vansh stops him. Akshu tries to remove the mehendi by water but struggles remembering all the moments of her with Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu comes there and asks her why it is tough for her to remove the mehendi with his face on it when he is just a stranger to her or her sister’s fiance. He says to her that it’s tough for her as his face is just not imprinted on her mehendi but also on her heart and she cannot remove it from there. Meanwhile, Arohi checks the envelope with her letter of confirmation of college seat.

Neil says that he should have had this idea before. He goes inside and requests Akshu to come outside. He says to her that Arohi is hiding something from the families and gave someone money. Neil leaves and Arohi comes outside talking on the phone saying that she doesn’t have mehendi on her hands and she wants to be part of the surgery with Mahima. Akshu tries to stop her and asks her that’s to whom she gave money. Arohi says she’ll later tell her and gets into her car. Akshu goes behind Arohi to stop her car from leaving and gets into an accident.

The junior doctor asks the nurse to go and call Anand or Mahima. The nurse tells Mahima that Arohi’s sister Akshu is in critical condition in the ICU. She tells her that Abhimanyu has freezed. Mahima asks Arohi to not come along to the ICU and inform the family. She goes to the ICU and sees Abhimanyu not performing the surgery; she says to him that he has to perform the surgery to save Akshara . He says it’s Akshu and he can’t treat her. Mahima asks him if he loves Akshu, then he has to treat her like any ordinary patient as he is the best doctor who could save her.

Abhimanyu performs the surgery and keeps making conversations with her. The junior doctor comes with the scans and Mahima asks him to read it out loud. He says that there has been excessive bleeding and her vocal cord is injured. Mahima tells Abhimanyu that he has to be extra careful as Akshu’s voice box is in danger. He says to Akshu that he won’t let her lose connection with her voice. Meanwhile, Manish and Kairav arrive at the hospital and request Harshwardhan to show them the phone in which he is watching the telecast of the surgery. Arohi says it’s tough for a normal person to see the surgery so she’ll tell them. She sees the phone and tells everyone that Akshu’s voice box is in danger and Abhimanyu is performing the surgery. He saves her.

When Abhimanyu comes out of the ward, Neil stops him and asks him by what right he’s taking care of Akshu as she is nobody to him and he’s getting married to her sister. Abhimanyu says to him that he doesn’t know what right he has but he’ll still take care of her. Meanwhile, Mahima enters the ward and asks Arohi to take her family and leave or wait in the lounge as only senior doctors can handle such sensitive cases. Arohi takes her family out.  Mahima thinks to herself that she asked the Goenka’s to leave as she wants Abhimanyu to stay close to Akshu. Abhimanyu comes to the ward and tells Mahima that he’ll stay back and she can go back to her work. Abhimanyu stays by Akshu’s bed the whole night holding her hand.

In the morning, Goenka brings Akshu home and puts her to bed. Harshwardhan and Anand fix the wedding date for tomorrow and leave. Akshu wakes the next day and says to Arohi that before the accident she asked her question that she didn’t reply to, so she wants the truth. She tells her about the college admission. She says to her that she shouldn’t lie to Abhimanyu as he will get hurt. Arohi gets the call from the college Akshu hears Arohi’s conversation with someone about the exams and contemplates her decision of leaving Abhimanyu for Arohi’s sake. Abhimanyu gets anxious as the time gets close and meditates, while Neil tries to give him a reality check and make him realise that his decision to marry Arohi is wrong.

Will Arohi and Abhimanyu get married?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai ”.

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