Anupama written update 22 July 2021 Anupama shouted at Pakhi

At the beginning of the episode, Pakhi’s friends arrived at the Shah’s residence. Baa asked Kavya to prepare something for them but Kavya and Pakhi ordered the food from Vanraj’s cafe. Pakhi ordered every single dish from the cafe. When Anupama reached at home she found that whole food is wasted and they don’t eat the food. Anupama asked what they will do with remaining food? Pakhi said throw that. Anupama shouted at Pakhi for not valuing the food and asked does she saw a farmer working on fields? Pakhi said farmers enjoy working in fields.

Anupama said she should know the value of grain and then she handed over money in Pakhi’s hands and asked her to burn the money. Pakhi said she is not mad. Anupama said once already she had burnt the money so she can again do that. Anupama explain Pakhi that she has wasted money and food also, and shouted at Pakhi for saying that throw the remaining food. Vanraj stopped Anupama and asked her to not to shout at Pakhi. Anupama also shouted at Vanraj and said if he knew that Pakhi ordered this then he should have decreased the food quantity. Pakhi fights with Anupama and said she didn’t have wasted food. Kavya again and again tried to protect Pakhi.

Samar asked Pakhi to apologise for her mistakes. Pakhi argued with Pakhi and called him maa ka chamcha. Pakhi said even Nandini also waste the food with him. Samar said he eat the remaining food and shouted at Pakhi. Vanraj stopped everyone and said his daughter can order anything from the cafe. Anupama said she didn’t shouted at Pakhi for money, but Pakhi didn’t knew the importance of food that’s why she shouted at Pakhi and said they need to teach Pakhi the importance of food. Baa also supported Anupama and said if they will start wasting cafe’s food like that, then their business will face big loss.


Kavya said Anupama shouted at Pakhi because she is coming close to Kavya and said she can pay the bill. Anupama asked Vanraj to take the payment from Kavya and everyone leaves from there. Later Anupama served the food to everyone but everyone said they don’t want to eat. Pakhi give money to Vanraj, and said she will pay the remaining money later on. Vanraj refused to take money. Baa shouted at Pakhi and asked Pakhi to apologise for her mistakes. Anupama asked Pakhi to eat the food, but she refused to eat. Samar went in Pakhi’s room to argue with her. Kavya blamed Anupama for hurting Pakhi. Vanraj also shouted at Anupama for hurting Pakhi.

Upcoming Story: Vanraj is distributing pamphlets of his cafe. Rakhi’s friends see Vanraj in the market and inform Rakhi about this.

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