Barrister Babu 11 June 2021 Spoiler -Thakuma shocks Anirudh

In the upcoming episode Trilochan will be so happy as Bondita is coming. Anirudh will tell that he went to the Mandir. Later they notice some dhol sound. They will get happy thinking Bondita arrive. They go outside to and are shocked to see Thakuma there.

Up till now, Anirudh’s third condition is that he wants to bring Bondita to his house, so that he can educate her. Thakuma disagrees with it and she doesn’t want to send Bondita to him. Anirudh tries to scare her asserting that if she doesn’t agree then he won’t help her and she can go to jail because of this. Then she agrees to complete his demand. But ahead she finds out that Anitudh is Rupa and slaps Bondita.

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