Barrister Babu 15 June 2021 Written Update -Thakuma playing a game with Bondita

Color TV’s popular show Barrister Babu is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Thakuma reveals that now Bondita will become someone’s wife and that is her promise to Anirudh. She is sure that she will make Bondita stay away from him. She goes from there. Anirudh stops her. He says that he won’t let this happen and even Bondita won’t marry another man. He assures her that Bondita will only be with him.

Thakuma looks angry. Tupur wants to when Bondita wants to be an advocate then why she is not studying. Bondita explains that she wants to study hard and she will start studying once Trilochan will apologise to Thakuma. Tupur understands her point. Thakuma is with Sumati. She is making some medicine and as well as notifies Sumati that she wants to get Bondita married. Sumati thinks that Bondita won’t accept it.

Thakuma explains that it is so hard to find a man for Bondita because of Anirudh. However, she still finds a man for her so now they should get her married as soon as possible. Sumati recalls how villagers used to beat her because she is a widow. They harassed her all the time. Bondita comes there and sees that Thakuma is putting water in medicine. She stops Thakuma and says what she is doing. Thakuma says that she is upset thus accidentally put water in the medicine. Bondita is so sad that Thakuma is bearing so much.


Thakuma then notifies her that she has a friend and she tells her that some people are coming to see her daughter for marriage purpose. So they have to organise a party. Bondita is ready to do that. As she didn’t know that people are coming to see her. Then Thakuma goes to Anirudh and informs him that Bondita is ready to get married. And she even preparing for the marriage functions. Anirudh stands shocked knowing that. He tries to have some words with Bondita. While she recalls Thakuma’s words and goes from there.

Anirudh gets upset. Thakuma laughs at his condition. She asks now what will he do, as Bondita is going to get married soon. Anirudh makes her understand that she is doing wrong with Bondita. However, Thakuma doesn’t want to understand his point. She later leaves and Anirudh looks disappointed. After this, Thakuma does makeup Bondita. While Bondita thinks about what Thakuma doing the makeup of her. Thakuma lies that such things make her feel good and she likes putting makeup on others face. Bondita believes her.

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