Barrister Babu 17 June 2021 Written Update -Bondita regains consciousness

Color TV’s popular show Barrister Babu is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita eats food that contains drugs. Bondita gets faint. Tupur stands shocked and wants to know what is happening. Thakuma lies that as Bondita didn’t eat anything for a long period thus she faints. She then asks Rimjim to take Bondita to the room. Rimjim does the same. Bondita opens her eyes but sits likes a statue. Thakuma recollects how she put the drug in the food of Bondita and because of that drug now Bondita will behave like a statue.

When Sumati finds out that Thakuma has given a drug to Bondita, she gets sad. She goes to Thakuma and asserts to her that at first Deboleena was trying to force Bondita into marriage and now Thakuma is doing the same, which is wrong. Thakuma adds that Deboleena was trying to get her married to an old man but she on the other hand find a nice man for Bondita.

Sumati mumbles but according to her Thakuma’s actions are wrong. Thakuma still doesn’t hear her and takes Bondita from there. Bihari informs Anirudh that Bondita is going to perform the ritual of asirvad. Anirudh stands shocked and believes that Thakuma trying to force Bondita.


After this, he and Trilochan arrive at the temple, where Bondita is performing the ritual of asirvad. Anirudh and Trilochan saw that Bondita is acting strange. Later they discover that Bondita is not in her sense. Anirudh is about to enter the temple. But Thakuma’s goons come there and beat Anirudh. He faints and Trilochan is trying to wake him up.

Anirudh gains his senses back and wants to make Bondita gain her senses and for that he asks Durga maa to help him. He beats the temple bell and Bondita regains consciousness. And is shocked to see that Thakuma is trying to get her married. She then tells everyone that she is married and also get a divorce because her marriage was a child marriage. Thakuma tries to make her scared but Bondita spilt the truth.

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