Bhagya Lakshmi 13 January 2022 written update – Lakshmi’s gets a job

At the beginning of the episode, Lakshmi takes the old man to the hospital along with his friends. His friends joke with him that it is his third visit in one month and who will pay the bill. Lakshmi rebukes them that they are worrying about money. Lakshmi gets a call for interview. As she is going, a child falls and she stays back to help him. The old men are amazed that she is helping people while leaving her interview.

Rano tells Neelam that Lakshmi is not in house. Neelam asks where Lakshmi is. Neelam scolds Rano for keeping Lakshmi in house and says Lakshmi is showing her middile class values by leaving house for a small misunderstanding. Shalu comes and says rich people make relations based on bank balance but middle class people make relation based on love. She says she should talk about Rishi’s values and not Lakshmi’s. Neelam warns Shalu to stay quiet but Shalu says she is just telling the truth.

Shalu says a girl’s house still remains hers after marriage and they are always her sisters. Shalu says it is Lakshmi’s values that Rishi is still free or he would have been behind bars if she had complained. Neelam says she does not want to talk to her as she is too young to know right or wrong. Rano tells Neelam that Lakshmi has gone out to look for a job. Neelam insults Lakshmi for being a villager and says she cannot find any job in a city like Mumbai. Neelam says she wanted to help them get their girls married but it will only happen if Lakshmi goes back to her in law’s house.

Lakshmi’s file falls down. One man from the park helps her and asks about her interview. Lakshmi says it is not more important than someone’s life. Doctor comes and tells that he had an acidity attack. Lakshmi scolds them for eating chips. They say she is scolding like his mother and calls her Beeji. Lakshmi gives them a list of healthy foods. She comes to know that someone else got the job. The old man tells her that he has a job for her. Lakshmi tells him that she has no experience. He tells her that he has a jewellery store and she can handle sales.

Rano and Neha think Lakshmi will not get a job. Lakhsmi comes home. Shalu and other ask her about the job. Lakshmi tells them that she got a job with Rs. 15000 salary. Preetam says he is proud of her and says he will get sweets. Shalu says she will make halwa for her. Rano says she will also get Rs. 8000 per month. Neha feels jealous that Lakshmi got a job. Rano says they will also get crores now. She says Lakshmi will not go back to Oberoi house but now she will take alimony from them for divorce.

Soniya and Karishma worry about Neelam and Rishi. Neelam rebukes Rishi for being late. Rishi says he is alright. Karishma says Pandit ji just scares them for no reason. She says the other day Malishka saved Rishi. Neelam says she was lying. Malishka waits for Rishi to go to a party. Kiran asks her not to be insecure. Malishka says she is feeling guilty about lying that she saved Rishi’s life. She says Rishi just had accidents and it was nothing more.
Rishi says he is absolutely fine even though MARKESH DOSH is prominent today. Rishi remembers that he has to go to Malishka. Neelam tells him to stay in his room.

Lakshmi thinks of her parents. She thinks she will keep her promise and will take care of Shalu and Bani. She says she will remain strong for them and for herself. Shalu and Bani feed halwa to Lakshmi. They tell her that Neelam had come home to take her back. Shalu tells her that she was questioning her values not her son’s. Lakshmi says Neelam is just upset because she did not listen when she asked her to stop. Lakshmi tells them to support her in moving ahead. She says they will not even talk about Rishi and what happened.

Episode ends