Kundali bhagya 13 January 2022 written update – Rakhi takes the side of Preeta

At the beginning of the episode, Nagre tells Preeta that now she got to know how dangerous he is. She says that he has done all this by crying and all. She says that she still can do a lot to him. Nagre says that she has fire in herself because of which she is burning her own house. She says that they will see who will win. Prithvi comes and ask preeta to not brag in front of him. He says that if she thinks herself as a lion then he is an eagle. He ask her to think before challenging him next time.

He says this time he is not going to help her. Preeta says that she don’t even need his help. He says this time she will stay in Jail forever. He shouts at police and ask them to take preeta. Nagre says that he have done the right thing with Preeta and says that now he is going. Bani ask Rakhi that why did she take the side of Preeta? She says because Preeta can’t do this and why would she try to kill Nagre?

Bani says that Preeta is not good for their family. She makes her remember that preeta has killed pihu. Rakhi says that everyone knows this that preeta can’t do this. Meanwhile, Natasha says that police has came just after 5 minutes preeta hit Nagre. She says that this might be pre planned. Rakhi says that if it is pre planned then it might be a problem. Then Prithvi comes and says that now no one will talk about Preeta. He ask everyone to start the decorations because he is having a party in this house after 4 hours. He tells rakhi that he knows she still have soft corner for Preeta amd if she wants to help her then she can leave.

Prithvi calls Police and ask him does anyone doubt him? He says no. Prithvi tells him that he wants to close this chapter of Preeta and for that if he wants to kill then he can also do that. He says that he will give him money as much as he want. Then Karan comes and ask rakhi where is Preeta. Prithvi says that she is in jail. Karan ask him to shut up. Prithvi ask him did he forget that preeta has killed his daughter. Karan gets angry and ask him to shut up. Prithvi says that he sent preeta to the place which she deserves.

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