Bhagya Lakshmi 19 May 2022 written update: Rishi gets hurt by falling down the ladder

In the beginning of the episode, Lakshmi sees Virendra and Ayush doing the decorations of the engagement. She gets away from there and, and cries. She thinks to herself why she is getting emotional when she shouldn’t, as it’s Rishi’s family and they will take part in preparation of his engagement. Malishka comes from behind and stumbles into her, she sees Lakshmi crying. Malishka says to her that she is crying like something bad as has happened in the house when it’s her engagement. She says to her that she is just taking back Rishi, who was his and will always remain his.


Rishi comes there and asks what’s happened, Lakshmi replies nothing. Rishi says to her that he isn’t asking her, Malishka says to him that it’s a happy occasion for them and Lakshmi is walking around like it’s a funeral. Rishi says to Lakshmi that Malishka’s complaint is legitimate and if she is not wanting to participate she can go to her house for the day. Malishka pretends to fall and Rishi saves her, she says looking towards Lakshmi that now Rishi knows how to handle her.


Malishka in the corridor hugs Rishi and says to him that she is very happy today, and it’s because of him. She says to him that yesterday she was getting suicidal thoughts and now she is feeling better.

Rishi says to Malishka that she should be a little polite and stop talking about them all the time. Malishka says to him that he again is worrying about Lakshmi’s feelings. He says that he isn’t, and just wants her to be indifferent to Lakshmi’s presence. Lakshmi overhears this, Malishka hugs hjm and says that she is going to see the attire. Lakshmi asks Rishi if she’s nothing to him and He says yes.


Neelam, Karishma and Sonia finalize the attire for the engagement and decide to go and help in the decorations. They wait, when they see Lakshmi going towards Virendra. Lakshmi offers help to Virendra and Ayush, but they refuse. Virendra says to her that she has already done enough, when she is leaving. Rishi is about to fall off the ladder, she saves him and they fall on the flower decorations. Malishka and her mother taunt Lakshmi, while she ignores. She then sees Rishi bleeding and takes care of his wound, and says to everyone that she is still Rishi’s wife. Malishka gets upset and goes upto the room, Karishma and Sonia come to console her.