Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 19 May 2022 written update: Bulbul saves everyone

At the beginning of the episode, the court send the officers to Agastya house for inspection. Mira and Bulbul comes there. Mira ask Bulbul not to do anything against her otherwise Agastya has to pay for it. Bulbul is looking like Pakhi. Prema gets emotional seeing Bulbul as Pakhi. Mira shows bomb to Bulbul and ask answers as she teaches her. The officers asks her that how she get saved. Bulbul says that she was lucky and explain how she got saved by some villagers. She says that she was in coma and it’s very hard to reached here. Mira asks Bulbul to serve the tea to the officers. Bulbul gives the tea and it falls on her hand mistakenly. She shouts as in her language. She gets Shocked and says that she learnt some words in the village. The officers asks that how she get shot and said that Agastya shot her or not. Bulbul pretends and says that she doesn’t want to talk about this topic now. She gets emotional and says that she doesn’t want to remember that incident and pretends to be upset. The officers get convinced and said that they will bring some paper and she has to sign on it.

Prema gets emotional and remembering Pakhi. Shanaya consoles her. The officers left from there. Mira gets happy and happily dances . Bulbul comes to her and turn off the music. Mira Praises her for her performance. She says that she will give her extra money for this. Bulbul gets angry and throws the money. She taunts her and said that she doesn’t need this money and asks her to remove the bomb from Agastya’s ball. Mira says that Yug puts bomb in Agastya’s ball but no other bomb was there in the house. Mira laughs at her. Dadi Shouts where everyone comes to her.

Agastya is not returning the ball. Yug asks him to return the ball. The remote get activate mistakenly. The tiktok sound comes from the ball and Agastya gets excited. Mira asks Yug to deactivate it nut the remote breaks.. Yug tries to stop but the remote fails to do it. Everyone gets Shocked. Bulbul tries to convince Agastya but Agastya is not returning the ball. Everyone tries to convince him . Yug asks Shanaya to go away but Shanaya Shouts at him. Yug says that only two minutes has left.

Mira asks Yug to run from here. Yug doesn’t leave as Mira runs from there. Bulbul comes there and gives him another toy. She asks that if he give this ball then she will give him this toy. Bulbul takes the ball from Agastya and runs from there. Dadi and Sameer follows her. Yug says that only thirty seconds left. Bulbul throws the bomb and Everyone gets relaxed. Dadi thanks Bulbul for saving Agastya.

Mira asks Yug if he should send Agastya to mental asylum. Dadi gets Shocked and asks her not to send him. Mira asks Bulbul not to stop her. Bulbul says that she will take her money and then she will leave this house. Dadi asks Mira not to send Agastya to the hospital. Dadi says that she will die without Agastya and Cries. Mira says that Agastya will go to the asylum and when Bulbul signs the paper then she will kill her also. Mira looks on.