Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 16 January 2022 weekly

We saw that Chikoo and Mini eat chocolate and faints where Nupur takes her to the hospital where Nupur asks the doctor to treat them. The Police comes and asks Nupur that she poisoned the students where Milind stands with Nupur where Nupur comes outside and said that she didn’t do anything where Milind says that nothing will happen to anyone. Rama tai and Kamini blames Nupur where Nupur said that she didn’t do anything and why will feed her daughters.

Later, doctor told Nupur that Chikoo condition is getting worse where Nupur request the Police to give some more time where Nupur goes to meet Mini where Mini refused to meet her. Nupur feels bad and comes to meet Chikoo. Hira amma prays that nothing should happen with Chikoo. Chikoo holds Nupur’s veil where Nupur cuts her veil and leave a part of her veil. Nupur says that she didn’t do anything and says that she saw hira amma there. The Police says that she is pretending where hira amma comes to meet Nupur.

After all this, Chikoo condition gets worse where Nupur prays to God to keep Chikoo healthy. Nupur asks the constable to keep inform her about Chikoo. Milind takes care of Chikoo where she gets fine after Nupur prays for her. Chikoo comes home and comes to know that Nupur is in Jail. Chikoo tries to find out the proof.

Nupur comes to court where the case goes against Nupur where Chikoo comes there and gives the proof to tbe Judge and told him that hira amma did all this where hira amma tries to run where the Police caught her and keeps her in the Jail. Nupur thanks to Chikoo for helping her. Rama tai and kamini Apologize to Nupur where Mini comes and hugs her. Nupur said that she is not angry with her.

Later, Nupur comes to meet hira amma where hira amma said that she knows Chikoo’s truth where Nupur gets tensed and asks her to tell her but hira amma puts condition and said that if she rescue her from jail then she will tell her the truth. Nupur is tensed and asks it to the family where Kamini gets scared and asks them not to mess with hira amma where Nupur feels bad for Chikoo.

Chikoo tries to make her happy where the Police beats hira amma where hira amma decides not to say anything to Nupur where Nupur brings money to her and said that she doesn’t complaint against her where she said that she will escape her from there where Chikoo is tensed about Nupur after Mini taunts her.

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