Fanaa Ishq Mein Marjawan 16 May 2022 written update: Bulbul changes the medicine

At the beginning of the episode, Bulbul orders Mira to make a sandwich for her. Mira gets angry and Shouts. Bulbul asks Mira that she will leave this house and stand up to go. Bulbul instructs her not to put spices in her sandwich. She asks her to call her when sandwich get ready. Mira leaves from there. Dadi comes to Bulbul and ask her that Mira is dangerous and she is playing with fire. Bulbul ask Dadi not to worry as she is not afraid of fire. Bulbul ask everyone to take rest. Bulbul looks on. Mira is making sandwich where Yug comes and asks what she is doing here. Mira asks him that Bulbul orders her to do this. She says that she has to bear her only three days after that she will take all the properties and take her life also. Mira looks on angrily.

Mira ask Bulbul to come and shows her something. Bulbul ask her to stand there and then talk to her but Yug shouts at her. Mira ask Yug not to say anything and stand up. Mira ask Bulbul that she has to become like Pakhi so she has to co-operate with her for three days. Mira shows Pakhi’s videos to Bulbul. Bulbul acts like Pakhi and appreciate herself. Bulbul asks about more money. Bulbul says that everyone knows that she is Bulbul then why she should act like Pakhi. Mira asks her to act in front of the world. Bulbul agrees and watches the video. Bulbul orders them to do work. Bulbul comes to Agastya. She ask Agastya what happened. Agastya told her that he is brave and will not take medicine. Bulbul ask Agastya to take medicine but Agastya refused to take it. Bulbul thinks that what Mira is giving medicine to Agastya . She change the medicine. Agastya ask her to play hide and seek then he will take medicine. Agastya takes the medicine where Mira and Yug sees them. Mira gets Angry and said that Bulbul is giving command to this house. Bulbul behaves like Pakhi and says that she is daughter in law of this house. Bulbul start laughing and makes fun of Mira.
Bulbul ask Yug to come and ask him to start the game. Yug refused to come but Bulbul ask him to count till 100. She ask everyone to hide. Agastya kisses Bulbul on cheeks. Bulbul gets surprised. Agastya and Bulbul hides in Bulbul’s room.

Yug ask everyone to come out otherwise he will not give food to anyone. Everyone comes out. Bulbul shows Pakhi’s video to Agastya. Agastya remember his past and shouts to not to kill Pakhi. He gets panic and comes out. He Shouts for Pakhi. Everyone gets Shocked that he remembered everything. He holds Yug shirt and said that he killed his Pakhi. Bulbul stops him. Agastya faints where Bulbul ask Dadi to bring water. She sprinkle water on his Face. Agastya Wakes up and forget everything. He asks about the game. Bulbul says that they won. Agastya gets happy. Mira ask nurse to take Agastya to the room.

Bulbul comes to Agastya. Agastya ask her that they will play cricket tomorrow. Bulbul agrees with him. Mira looks at Bulbul and looks on. Mira leaves from thete. Bulbul thinks that Mira doesn’t know what will happen with her in this three days. Bulbul looks on.