Imlie 24 January 2022 written update: True identity of Atank is revealed

In the beginning of the episode, Imlie gets on her feet and says she will protect her people and nothing will happen to her mother. Aryan grips her so that she cannot move. Imlie says to him to let her go as she is losing her loved ones and she cannot just sit and not do anything while her happiness is being destroyed and her loved ones are taken away. Aryan has flashbacks of his brother-in-law dying and his sister’s trauma and him changing and becoming revengeful. He let’s her go, while Imlie sees him shocked that his letting her go. While, everyone at Tripathi house prays for their well-being. Malini says that Imlie and Aryan might be busy with each other while they are expecting them to help Aditya and save his life.


Aditya reaches the warehouse and speaks to Atank and tells him that he has arrived with the bag full of money as he requested for. Chandlal comes in front of him, Aditya asks him if he’s Atank. He pretends and says that he is not and Atank sends him to get the bag and he fits an earpiece in his ears as well.


Imlie arrives there and stops him with the bag. Aditya notices the earpiece come off and nothing happens. He says that he lied to him that he is Chandlal, while he was Atank and was tricking him the whole time. He asks Imlie to get away from Atank. Atank pushes a button that causes vibration in Aditya’s head. Aditya falls down and asks Imlie to do exactly what Atank asks her to do. Atank asks her to hand him the bag.


She hits him to get him away from the remote and get her hands on it. She is about to pick the remote, when Atank fires a gun shot at her. Imlie gets injured in the arm. Atank says that he thought that she would see her ex-husband’s death, but instead he will see her due.


Aryan arrives and says rhat he won’t be able to hurt anyone as he would live alone in a prison cell. Atank says if they try to hurt him them he would activate all the bombs in Pagdandiya which will kill a lot of people. Aryan negotiates and says to him to defuse Aditya’s bomb and let Imlie and the others go. Atank says that he will keep Imlie with him for his security.

Imlie throws sand in Atanks eyes and he falls away from the gun. Aryan picks the gun and points the gun towards Aditya, and shoots Atank. While Atank activates the bomb of Aditya’s earpiece, Aryan shouts for him to get away.


Upcoming- The family watches the news in which the reporter says that there is no recovery of Aditya’s body dead or alive and because of that the police are assuming his death. The reporter says that she hopes that God gives Aditya’s family strength at this time.

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